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US IPO Market: Chinese Firm Alibaba Chooses NYSE For Its Listing

Alibaba will be the New York Stock Exchange’s biggest Internet IPO, winning the battle to be the market home for the Chinese e-commerce giant.

NYSE’s reputation


Image by Thomas LOMBARD | Wikimedia

The decision is a big victory for the NYSE, which had competed with the Nasdaq for what is expected to be one of the largest initial public offerings.

“We participated in a comprehensive and deliberate exchange selection process, and we are pleased to welcome Alibaba Group to the New York Stock Exchange,” an NYSE spokesman said.

Shares of Alibaba could begin trading in the US this summer, according to sources familiar with the matter who spoke on the condition of anonymity.

Hot IPO market

Some industry experts say the public share sale could be worth more than $20 billion. Alibaba handles more than 80% of online retail transactions in China.

Nasdaq and NYSE constantly compete for much-awaited initial stock offerings, hoping to win listing fees and attract other big firms.

Alibaba will be the biggest Chinese firm to list in America.

June 30, 2014 at 7:10 amFinance

Coping with Business Curveballs: What to Do If Your Start-Up is Failing?

reliable seo servicesAbout 44 businesses in Australia close their doors every day before they even reach their fifth year. Even Walt Disney, Bill Gates, and Henry Ford experienced their fair share of failure.
Failing, however, is the first step to succeeding; without it, you will never learn to progress. Most entrepreneurs fail at first, and that is why they become great at what they do. Creating a successful company is challenging, as you have to put in huge amounts of efforts and stress.

Invest in marketing

Sometimes, it takes money to make money. The trick is hiring the services of SEO companies and focusing on your long-term marketing plan. It does not matter how great your product or service is, if you do not have a way to inform your target market about it. You will not be successful unless you know how to make customers like you. Keep in mind that you need to spend money in the right places.

Focus on what makes the biggest impact

You cannot let failure beat you. As a business owner, focus on the right SEO metrics. Always know what not to do and concentrate on what counts. Just believe in yourself and your game plan, as things will get better if you hang in there. The strengths that made you successful in the first place should not disappear.

Expand your reach

When you are in the business, you do not have to take a step back. Instead, focus on improving what you already do. One of the common reasons a business fails is not reaching target customers. Social media can be useful for expanding your reach online. Strive to make sure that every action you perform benefits your target market.

Your business will not always follow a smooth course. If you succeed in everything, you would not learn anything. If you do not learn from your errors, you would never progress forward.

June 15, 2014 at 8:25 amStraight Market

Vitamins: Your Best Friends in Fighting Ageing

fighting ageingPeople use different means to maintain their skin in its healthiest state. Some buy colloidal silver products, while others have a special diet. Whatever regimen you have, it is important that you have a regular intake of vitamins that nourish your skin.

When it comes to skin care, vitamins are your best friends. Here are five of them that should be part of your daily routine – be it in diet or skin care products:

Vitamin A

Get rid of those nasty wrinkles with vitamin A. Found in night creams, prescription products, and lotions, this vitamin combats the rough and brown areas of your skin, thus reducing wrinkles. These products often have retinoids, which are derivatives of this vitamin tested and proven to improve the skin.

Your vitamin A-rich food choices are carrots, kale, squash, Bluefin tuna, and cantaloupe.

Vitamin B3

When your goal is to add a pinkish healthy colour to your skin, vitamin B3 is your best bet. It increases the production of fatty acids and ceramides in your body, both of which are responsible for the outer protective barrier for your skin. With B3’s help, your skin manages to keep irritants out, thus resulting in a great, healthy complexion.

Chicken, turkey, Yellowfin tuna, peanuts, and Portobello mushrooms are rich in B3 or niacin.

Vitamin C

This vitamin prevents signs of ageing such as sagging and wrinkling skin. Moreover, it makes your skin smoother and firmer to the touch. It fades brown spots quickly as well. Eat orange, lemon, kiwi, strawberries, and yellow bell peppers for better vitamin C nutrition.

Vitamin E

Dryness is a key issue in the skin. For this, you have to depend on vitamin E for that extra moisture. This vitamin quells dryness due to its natural function to retain moisturisers. This is a potent component in protecting your skin from UV exposure as well. Sunscreens often have this product. Include tofu, spinach, almonds, avocados, and shrimp in your diet as well.

Vitamin K

If your lack of sleep has taken its toll on your eyes, you will need some vitamin K. Let this vitamin lighten your under-eye circles. Eye creams that have retinol are a good source. Of course, you can add herbs, dark leafy greens, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, and scallions to your meal to make the vitamin a part of your diet.

With the right vitamins, you can fight skin ageing. Incorporate these nutrients in your diet and beauty regimen to maintain your good complexion.

June 11, 2014 at 12:59 amHealth & Lifestyle

The Double-Edged Sword of Business: Reducing Marketing Costs

digital marketingCutting back on marketing efforts has its consequences. As a means of ensuring ROI, marketing is undoubtedly one of the most important aspects of business. It’s what generates leads and keeps customers coming back.

Considering how marketing eats up a sizeable budget, some inexperienced businesspeople think that cutting costs or diverting part of the budget to focus on other activities that ensure returns, such as improving product design and streamlining operations, might be a better idea. While reducing marketing expenses allows you to concentrate on other parts of the enterprise, it may endanger your brand and render past promotional efforts futile. If you believe that cutting marketing costs is the only way, do it smartly.

Here are some tips to help you go about it:

Invest in Online Marketing

Some businesses use both traditional and online marketing to ensure reach and consistency. Simultaneously using both methods is indeed expensive, especially in traditional marketing, where you need to compete when buying media spaces. Lie low with your traditional marketing for a while and invest more in online marketing. Online marketing is more affordable and reaches a greater number of people, given that the vast majority of those with spending power are browsing on the Internet. Just make sure that you’re working with a reliable digital marketing agency.

Revisit Old Ideas

If you’re going to think of new marketing ideas, it’s going to take time. Time is money, and you may want to save it up. Reuse old marketing ideas to save time. Just tweak some parts to keep them fresh and relevant.

Consider the Legal Aspects

Many marketers haphazardly use and implement marketing ideas without thinking of legal implications. Make sure that you look into the copyrights or trademarks of the elements you’re going to incorporate into your marketing material, such as songs and photographs, before implementing them. Getting caught up in a legal suit means dealing with breach cases and cleaning up your brand’s name, which both mean money.

Other than these, you need to focus on simplifying the entire marketing process. Delays and reworks happen because of intricate procedures and other misses. Think streamlining, especially when you’re working with an online marketing agency working on SEO campaigns and analytics.

June 4, 2014 at 4:26 amStraight Market

Siemens Says Revamp Will Cut Up To 12,000 Jobs

Image from GNU Free Documentation License | Wikimedia

Image from GNU Free Documentation License | Wikimedia

Siemens said it was weighing cuts of 11,600 jobs worldwide, as the Germany industrial giant seeks to restructure its business.

Jobs Under Threat

The planned cuts directly affect 7,600 jobs. Another 4,000 positions are potentially affected as part of the company’s plan to simplify regional operations.

“A certain amount of people do stuff for coordinating things, analyzing things,” said Chief Executive Joe Kaeser in a conference. “About 20 percent of those we believe can be put to work elsewhere, but not there. They can be taken out of the system because the work goes away.”

Strategy Overhaul

The executive said some of the employees would be assigned other roles. Siemens is also holding meetings on the plans with its works council.

The reductions come after the previous 15,000 job cuts. Siemens prepares to reorganize itself into nine divisions from its initial 16.

CEO Kaeser tried to calm the waters in a statement to employees, highlighting that not all 11,600 positions would be cut.

June 3, 2014 at 6:07 amDirect Service