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How Noise Affects Hearing

Humans are designed to respond to noise, but excessive levels of it can affect overall health. It can cause headaches, stress, irritability, aggression, reduced immune response, and even gastric ulcers. The most noticeable effect, however, is damaged hearing or total hearing loss.

The effects of noise are often ignored or underestimated because the damage takes place gradually. Loud noises, furthermore, have become so common and its effects are not immediately visible. This is why it is not surprising that people don’t recognize the serious impact of hearing loss.

Loud Noise at Work

hearingHarris Hearing says constant exposure to loud noise at work can affect your sense of hearing, leading to all sorts of safety risks. Hearing loss can be gradual due to noise exposure overtime or sudden due to extremely loud noises. This can be disabling, making it difficult for you to understand speech or keep up with normal conversations. A risk assessment is important to control the risks and reduce loud noise exposure.

Leisure Noise Causes Damage, Too

Noise at work is not the only thing that can damage your hearing. It is also important to remember that the noise you are exposed to during leisure time can be harmful. Portable music players like your iPod can produce loud levels of noise directed straight into the ear. Experts suggest using such devices for no more than one hour a day at 60 percent maximum volume.

Other Problems

Apart from workers who operate large and loud industrial machineries, children or people with existing physical and mental illness, and the elderly are most susceptible to noise. It is also possible to develop tinnitus or ringing, whistling, or humming in the ears. This is a distressing condition, which can result to disturbed sleep.

Once your hearing is damaged, it will never come back. This is why it is important to take good care of your ears and avoid excessive noise levels. It is best to seek medical help at the first sign of compromised hearing. Your doctor may advise you to wear hearing aids to magnify the volume of the sounds you hear.

February 16, 2015 at 2:02 amHealth & Lifestyle

Should You do Something About Your Missing Tooth Immediately?

Losing a tooth because of dental problems or an accident means having to make a decision as to whether you should replace the tooth, how soon, and with what dental appliance. Some people visit the dentist immediately, while others skip the replacement thinking that they don’t need it.

Why is it Important to Replace Missing Teeth?

The mouth, jaw, and teeth are designed to work together. If you lose a tooth, then their efficiency and function will decrease. While it might look adorable to lose a tooth as a child, its effects are different when you’re an adult. As such, you may prefer screw in teeth (or dental implants) over having a gap in your row of remaining teeth.
simple smile teeth

What Happens if You Delay the Replacement?

1. You’ll Eventually Spend More on Treatment – Avoiding the cost only makes it bigger in the future. The other side of your teeth and your gums will eventually hurt, as you try to avoid chewing in the area where you lost your tooth.

2. You’re Making it Difficult for the Surrounding Teeth – The gap that your tooth left can cause the other teeth to change their position. Your jawbones will shrink when this happens, as well.

3. You’ll Have Difficulties Eating – The gap can make it difficult to eat nuts, raw carrots, and other hard to chew food. While you think that avoiding them is the ideal solution, you’re forgetting that these items bring nutrients to your body.

4. You’ll Lose Self-Confidence – A gap in your row of teeth doesn’t look appealing when you smile, and you know how powerful a smile is when it comes to socialising and applying for a job. This can affect your speech, as well.

A complete set of teeth means better functionality, comfort, and self-confidence. Should you lose one or several teeth, make sure to visit your dentist for replacement options.

February 12, 2015 at 7:30 amHealth & Lifestyle

4 Benefits Your Health Insurance Should Cover

While the Health Care Act of 2010 has been passed into law, it’s hard to deny that taking care of your medical health can be very costly. The so-called Obamacare aims to provide more healthcare choices, lower medical costs, and improve healthcare quality in the country. It has only been five years since it was signed, so the changes in healthcare policies are yet to be felt by Americans. It’s still advisable to have health insurance coverage.

Paying medical bills can be a challenge for most people. To make sure all your healthcare needs are covered, Humphrey & Pace Benefit Planning says you should talk to your health insurance provider for these benefits.

phasinphoto at freedigitalphotos.netDental

You can purchase either an additional dental coverage for your existing health insurance or go for a separate dental plan. Dental coverage is essential for children, but is not required for adults. But, keeping your mouth clean and healthy can be expensive, especially as you get older. After all, dental implants and other cosmetic dentistry procedures can cost a lot.


Your individual health insurance should cover your pregnancy, even if it began before coverage takes effect. Maternity care and childbirth services are essential benefits. Paid maternity leave is uncommon in the US, though some companies offer paid parental leaves for their employees. In addition, your insurance should also cover breastfeeding equipment, support, and counselling. And yes, even the costs for breast pumps should be covered.

Mental Health

Categories of essential health benefits also include mental health and substance abuse services. Such services involve behavioral health treatment, counselling, and even psychotherapy. Specific services will depend on the type of health plan you have and the state you live in.

Preventive Services

Prevention is always better than cure, particularly in dealing with your health. Preventive services like screenings, vaccines, and even supplements should be covered by your healthcare plan. Special tests for women and children should also be paid for.

In the unfortunate case that your health insurer denies coverage for your medical care, you can appeal the claim and ask that they change the decision. To protect your interests, make sure you review your policy and explanation of benefits to maximize your individual health insurance.

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The Science behind the Perfectly Clear Ice

Ever wonder why the ice in your drink at your favourite pub is clear, while the cubes from the ice trays in your freezer are a little cloudy and opaque?

Many say that the secret to making perfectly clear ice is warming the water first or using purified water. Perhaps this is something you tried yourself, only to find that it did not work at all. You really cannot get that perfect “pub-like” ice cube, because ice clarity does not just depend on how pure your water is. Even if you run your water through the best filter, chances are you will get that same cloudy, opaque ice.

Ready to learn the science behind the perfect ice cube?

clear distilled iceThe Truth about Clear Ice

Experts from say that the clarity of ice depends on the temperature of the water. At room temperature, impurities in the tap water are broken down. Remember that chemistry lesson where you used M&Ms to observe how temperature affects dissolving? The warmer the water is, the more the substances are dissolved.

As the water cools in ice formation, the impurities and substances that were dissolved at room temperature detach themselves from the liquid, thus making them visible.

The Tiny Bubbles

So, if it is about impurities at room temperature, the trick is to just completely remove the impurities before you cool the water, right? Not exactly.

As mentioned earlier, the clarity of ice does not just depend on the purity of the water. As the water freezes, tiny bubbles of air are created. These bubbles are trapped like the impurities. Specialized ice machines keep these bubbles from forming by freezing the water in layers. Additionally, the machine cools the water more slowly to create bigger crystals and make air bubbles that do form to be released.

If you really want to make perfectly clear ice cubes, using ice machines will do the trick.

February 9, 2015 at 6:39 amHealth & Lifestyle

Which Debts Should You Pay First?

When deciding which bills or debts you should pay first, remember that the most threatening creditors should not always be your priority. After all, it is normal for unsecured creditors or creditors without guarantee of repayment to try to persuade debtors into paying them first.

The creditors you should be worrying about first, however, are the ones who can take action against your home, utility service, or other valuable property immediately. With that said, here is a list of the bills and debts that should be your priority:

paying debts• Family Necessities

These include food and current medical care, especially if your medical provider requires pre-payment. Never pay old medical bills first, unless you should to receive current medical care.

• Utility Payments

If you can’t pay your entire utility bill each month, pay the smallest amount needed first to avoid having your services disconnected. After all, disconnection can lead to other problems, including eviction. It may also cost you more to have your utility services disconnected. For instance, if your Little Rock electrical services become disconnected, you may have to pay a reconnection fee to have it back.

• Rent or Mortgage Payments

Keep your rent or mortgage payments current. Pay your real estate taxes or your insurance fees as well. Keep in mind that if you do not pay these bills and debts, you can lose your house and your equity, which is the amount you’ve paid toward purchasing your house.

• Income Taxes

Pay your income taxes not taken from your wages automatically. File your income tax returns, even if you cannot pay the taxes you currently owe. After all, if you fail to file your tax returns on time, you may have to pay penalties. Keep in mind that the government also has more legal rights to take your income and your property than your other creditors.

If you want to know more about which bills and debts you should prioritize, look at what you’re already paying for. According to The Baim Law Firm, consulting a local bankruptcy lawyer should also be an option.

Struggling with your debts is a significant concern, but it does not mean that there is nothing you can do about it. All it takes is thorough planning on your part.

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