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Weight Matters: Choosing the Right Kettlebells for Your Gym

In the ideal workout world, a gym ought to have all the amenities any workout enthusiast might need in his or her routine. With so many constraints, gym owners end up making trade-offs and making do with what they can lay hands on.

This is always the case when you go out shopping for kettlebells. Choosing the right weights will get everyone in your gym covered. A wrong choice will leave you with a collection of useless dead weights.

Get the inventory right; understand the kettlebell workout procedures and phases before making the purchase.

kettlebellTaking care of the beginners

Workout beginners have weaker muscles and can therefore handle lesser weight. They should train twice a week. Do not be surprised if they start slow. Buying some lightweight kettlebells gives them something wieldy but effective. You can use these to train on technique whilst building their strength.

Don’t start too relaxed

Even though beginners ought to start light, buying the lightest kettlebells is pointless unless you will be working with kids. For a woman, using the right technique should make a 15-pound kettlebell bearable. Men, on the other hand, can begin with 20 pounders.

For dumbbells, women can have five to eight pounds of weight in each hand to begin with.

Progressive weight

Kettlebells are like your regular barbells. Your gym users will outgrow them. and other kettlebell workshop providers say involving subsequent weights will help people jump to the next weight category whenever their muscles can take it.

Spread out the weight differences by a generous 5 to ten pounds, depending on the kind of people and workout routines you expect in the gym.

Apart from worrying about the kettlebell’s weight, you should also think about additional factors like its handle and the overall finish. Go for Kettlebells with curved, smooth handles. The curve will help centre the weight on your hands while smooth finishes reduce friction and bruises.

Once you know the kettlebell weights to buy, start using them in the gym. Try them yourself and move on to heavier ones to get constant improvements in your weight training.

March 31, 2015 at 6:37 amHealth & Lifestyle

Four Types of Yoga Exercises that Fitness Buffs Should Try

ashtanga yogaYoga has been in existence for a long time. Since its development in the 5th century, yoga has gone through a lot of re-inventions when it comes to movements and body position. Today, you will find fitness centers that offer different variations of this exercise.

Here are four interesting yoga types that you might encounter in gyms:
Ashtanga Yoga

One of the earliest types of yoga, Ashtanga features a series of poses in a specific sequence. This requires proper breathing to execute the poses. While the poses can be physically taxing, these can provide you with great benefits. Ashtanga yoga helps you stretch out your muscles, burn calories, and relax the mind.

Aerial Yoga

This type of yoga is one of the recently developed exercises. This requires the use of aerial yoga equipment or a hammock to execute the poses on air. While this does not require you to work on your balance, aerial yoga will test your strength as you keep yourself hoisted on the hammock.

Hot Yoga

This has been around for quite some time now, becoming one of the most popular forms of yoga around the world. It is the same as Bikram yoga, but with a twist. Believing the Indian climate and temperature have a lot to do with the core process of Bikram, hot yoga follows the same approach by keeping the room heated. Some yoga enthusiasts attest to its effectiveness, as the higher temperature will make you perspire more.

Iyengar Yoga

If hot yoga requires a heated environment and aerial yoga uses a hammock, Iyengar yoga uses chairs, ropes and blankets as props. You use these props to maintain proper posture during the exercise. This type of yoga can be more challenging than hot yoga, but you will find the exercise worth the effort.

Yoga combines strength, awareness, and harmony. With its many health benefits, you will find this exercise as more than a way to meditate.

March 23, 2015 at 1:01 pmHealth & Lifestyle

Social Media Sins that Beginners Commit

Social media is a great avenue for publicity. It possesses great potential for business to increase revenue through expanded consumer reach and traffic. When misused, a brand faces the risk of damaging their online reputation.

While each social media network is unique, these sites can prove to be beneficial in promoting products, bringing more customers and increase in revenue. Proper digital marketing is significant, and brands cannot afford to make mistakes. One error can lead to multiple stabs against a company’s good reputation.

Brands should know better avoid the following social media sins:

Sin 1 – Forgetting the CustomerSocial Media

One of the biggest social media sins for brands is making the content all about them. Users do not appreciate ads blatantly marketing on their news feeds. While providing information about services is important, brands should not forget to prioritize their target in all efforts.

Building relationships is the key to successful advertising. Rather than bombard potential customers with sales marketing, offer them posts of advice or life hacks. People will remember brands that offered memorable solutions to problems.

Sin 2 – Possessing Multiple Accounts

Successful advertising involves making a brand’s presence known. Having an account in every social network is tempting but is not recommended.

It’s not a bad idea to manage multiple accounts but businesses need not be in every social network.

Instead of creating numerous accounts, doing research first is the safest bet. Brands should identify the social media site with most potential customers and prioritize these platforms. This way, all attention and focus are dedicated to these sites for best results.

Sin 3- Hashtag Hijacking

Companies like C1 Partners note that hashtags are effective in gathering likes from customers and generating buzz for brands. To attract more attention, companies should come up with eye-catching hashtags sure to trend social media.

Nonetheless, brands should be cautious with hashtags. Original creative intentions are ruined by hijacked hashtags. For example, the infamous #McDStories involved the fast food chain asking customers to share memorable childhood memories. The plan backfired when users hijacked the hashtag with horror stories instead.

Sin 4 –Wrong Timing with Social Media Updates

Timing is everything, even in social media. For brands to receive attention, updates should be posted during prime time. Refrain from posting updates during ‘dead hours.’ Social updates have quick life spans, making it difficult to reach more audiences if brands are not calculative with social sharing.

March 20, 2015 at 11:15 amStraight Market

Here’s What it Means to Wear School Uniforms

High School Uniform“Suit up!” This is a phrase not only for men garbing tuxedos, but for young ladies who start their day in school by wearing the typical shirt, tie, blazer and skirt ensemble.

Other than maintaining the look of aesthetic uniformity (hence, the term ‘uniform’), there’s more than what meets the eye in these stylish school uniforms for girls and boys.

1. Your Badge of Pride

A way to show that a student represents an institution is by wearing the prescribed school uniform. Wearing school uniform has more to do about raising the school spirit and less than authorities exerting their power. Displaying your school’s coat of arms on your blazer is a way for students to show they belong to an organisation they’re proud of. This also helps school authorities identify who are the outsiders in the campus by looking out for those who are not wearing the school uniform.

2. Show you have the Brains –by Dressing Smartly

Formal uniform helps student with managing people’s impression of them, as well as build good reputation for the institution where they’re studying. It implies order and discipline, one that will exude respect among people who see students wearing the complete school attire. This also gives students a sense of what it’s like to dress in a presentable way and generate more confidence in them.

3. Encouraging Students to Focus on their Studies

Because students have school uniforms by default, girls won’t have to worry about the dilemma of ‘what to wear the next day’—this makes them blend in more easily with fellow students, with a school media specialist claiming that ‘dressing alike helps students learn that what really counts is on the inside.’

With the help of a school uniform, students will take schoolwork and classroom more seriously, helping them turn their attention to what they should learn instead of how they should look.

March 18, 2015 at 5:44 amStraight Market

Traineeship: Getting Ahead of the Game

hard working traineeTraineeships are key to staying ahead of the game, especially in a global economy that increasingly demands workers with more specialised and advanced skill sets. You need to keep learning new things to stay competitive.

The Real Deal

There is a gap between the skills that workers can offer and the skills that employers require.
According to a McKinsey & Company report (2012), developing economies will face a shortage of 45 million workers in the manufacturing and service industries by 2020. The demand for high skill workers would reach approximately 13%, but not enough workers would be cut out for the job. On the other hand, advanced economies will face a shortage of 20-23 million skilled workers.

How to Get Ahead

You can escape low-income work and aim for a high-paying job through a traineeship – an integration of work and training which could be arranged full-time or part-time, open to those employed or first-timers in the workplace. The goal is to develop working, employable skills to keep up with the changing job landscape. At the end of the program, you will gain not only hands-on experience but also professional distinction.

What You Get Out of it

As a newbie in the workforce, it would be a good first step in getting a job and making your way to a rewarding career. Existing workers can similarly take advantage of the opportunity for growth—expanding knowledge, focusing on working skills and getting up-to-date on the developments in the industry.

Career-wise, it gives you the edge you need— the opportunity to move up, to discover more about your job and figure out what you want to do within a period of structured work and training.

Traineeships are an important step on the job ladder and could possibly be your “secret weapon” in tackling the global skills crisis.

March 13, 2015 at 12:13 pmE-Commerce

Should You Buy or Rent Heavy Equipment?

Heavy EquipmentConstruction in different industries is possible with heavy equipment and tools. There are instances, however, when contractors need more equipment to speed up their operation. Buying may be an ideal choice, but you shouldn’t ignore rentals.

If you can’t decide whether to buy or look for a trailer hire, Morley residential, commercial and industrial contractors suggest the following questions to help you decide:

Would You be Willing to Handle its Maintenance?

Regardless of use, heavy equipment needs regular maintenance to make sure it’s in good condition. If you don’t mind scheduling inspections, routine testing, and upkeeps, then buying won’t be a problem. Renting is advisable, however, if you don’t want additional workload for you and your workers. The rental company will be responsible for the upkeep, which helps save time, effort, and money.

Do You Have Enough Space for Storage?

Heavy equipment differs in size, and can be difficult to store. They need protection from outdoor hazards and changes in temperature. In addition, you need enough space to make sure that they’re easy to pull out or put back. Buying is a good option if you own a spacious warehouse. If you’re renting storage space, however, buying will only add to your expenses because the equipment itself is costly.

Is Your Warehouse too far?

Transporting heavy equipment is challenging. Apart from the distance, you need to take note of the area. The equipment should fit or you have to hire third party services to bring it safely to your worksite. This process alone is costly and time-consuming, so buying isn’t advisable. As for renting, the company is responsible for delivery and pick-up; that’s one less thing for you to worry about.

The decision between buying and renting depends on your workload and budget. Choose the best option possible to make your work easier, faster and less costly.

March 7, 2015 at 7:22 amDirect Service

The Roller Shutter Effect: Defence from Fire, Hurricane and Burglary

Roller Shutter Garage DoorAustralia is vulnerable to natural calamities. With the number of assets at risk, businesses have a lot to protect. Prevention of damages should be one of the top concerns of owners, especially those located in areas prone to natural and man-made catastrophes.
Luckily, preventive measures don’t cost that much. Installing efficient, heavy-duty roller shutters can go a long way in safeguarding businesses.


In February, one of the biggest bushfires in Australia broke out. “WA temperatures are on the rise and bushfires are set to worsen in the future”, the Climate Council report says. WA, a declared fire-zone area, has suffered from 1000 fires since January this year.
During a fire, embers and flying debris could blow into properties with enough force to break down windows and doors. For businesses, their best option is roller shutters integrated with flame-retardant wool fibre.
In Perth, there are available heavy-duty shutters ideal for shop fronts and kiosks. Buyers can save a lot of money by looking for those half price commercial roller shutters, but recommends they should be CSIRO rated to protect against ember heat from bushfires. They also act as heavy-gauge, extruded protection that resists fire and prevents it from spreading inside.


The metal and fabric of roller shutters are able to withstand high-speed winds and pounding rain. The extruded roller shutter comes with a double-wall slat with a width of 1.2-1.5mm. These slats slide into aluminium tracks that provide a solid anchoring point to lock the curtain securely into place.
These protective barriers keep the wind from causing potential damages, like blowing out the roof and fragile items.


Western Australia has the second highest burglary incidence in the country, Australian Federal Office reports. This raises another reason for property owners in the area to take protective measures.
Roller shutters usually come with anti-theft features that make it almost impossible for burglars to break in. One feature is the safety lock, which may be bolts that are difficult to break even with the use of crowbars, hacksaws and sledgehammers. Another is the safety springs, which are steel springs that hold the curtain in place. Once the shutters are down, intruders can no longer raise them up because of the safety springs.
Business owners living in danger-prone areas will serve their properties well to choose practical preventive actions that would ensure not only safety, but also productivity.

March 7, 2015 at 2:55 amStraight Market

After Cremation: Should You Scatter or Keep the Ashes?

With a burial, everything ends when you lower the coffin into the ground. There is an unmistakable sense of finality to it all, and you can finally say goodbye for good. Maybe you will visit the grave every week or so, but for now, everything is over. You have done everything you needed to do, and have closure.

On the other hand, a cremation is different. When everything is said and done, you will still have an urn of ashes on your hands, and need to decide what to do with it. The biggest question is whether to keep the remains, or scatter them somewhere meaningful.

This can be a hard choice to make, especially if the deceased never told you their personal wishes. What should you do?

Choosing to store the remains

Having the ashes in a safe place gives you somewhere to visit, much like a grave. Places like Centenary Memorial Gardens usually have a columbarium that can keep the remains for you, but others might want to have it close at hand. Keeping it in the bedroom or in a cabinet within the living room, seems to be the most popular options.

Going the extra mile, some even take a portion of the ashes and put it into pendants, rings, or bracelets, which they can then proceed to carry around and wear. Cremation jewellery is a niche choice, but it might be what you need.

Scattering the ashes to the wind

Many people like the thought of a gorgeous beach or river being their final resting place, especially if it has a deep emotional connection to them. Think back to the places the deceased love visiting back when they were alive, and see if those would be a good location to scatter the ashes.

There are two important rules here, however. First is that you must avoid causing any possible environmental damage. Second, make sure that it will not inconvenience other people; don’t do something like scattering the ashes in Disneyland, for instance.

While it is important to think of what the deceased would have wanted, you should ultimately go with what would give you and everyone else in the family closure. Funerals and cremations are less for the benefit of the dead, and more for the ones they leave behind.

March 2, 2015 at 6:57 amDirect Service