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Staying Motivated: Why You Should Tell Your Family and Friends About Your Cert 3 & 4 Training

Fitness Training ProgramKeeping your enthusiasm up for your fitness courses can be taxing. Sometimes, you do need a little external input from your loved ones just to keep you going. Why don’t you go ahead and talk to them about it. They might surprise you with what they have to say and what you can gain from opening up. Here’s why you should talk to your loved ones while working on your Cert 3 and 4 in fitness:

They Can Monitor You

Having outsiders or third party individuals as witnesses and supporters is a great way to stay grounded. They may have different opinions from yours, but taking into account other people’s opinions can help you keep an open mind. As a future trainer, it’s important to not look at suggestions as pointless criticisms, but as opportunities for improvement.

They See Results You Don’t

Despite your fear of criticisms regarding your progress, know that family would be the first to comment on positive changes and improvements. During your Cert 3 and 4 fitness training, you will need people to remind you of your accomplishments. Take everything they say as positive reinforcement. Besides, if you can’t accept honest statements from those close to you, you would likely not take it from your future trainees.

You Avoid Focusing on Yourself

Introspection and self-correction is valuable to a student as they complete their studies. Nevertheless, focusing too much on yourself can cause you to disconnect with people and your real goals. Keeping communications open will allow you to teach what you’ve learned to other people even before you become a certified trainer. After all, teachers should be more aware of their students’ needs than their own.

Talking to your inner circle is both therapeutic and a great way of reaching your goals. Give yourself enough time each day to communicate with your family online or post a message to your friends about what your experiences and lessons. Consider them as your support system towards reaching your dream career.

January 8, 2016 at 6:15 amHealth & Lifestyle