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Yes, Going to College is Still Worth It Despite the Costs

College EducationIt’s no secret how expensive a typical college degree can be. Data from HSBC places Singapore at the top spot among the most expensive countries to study in, followed by Australia and the U.S. at second and third places. The average cost for a typical 2- to 4-year degree can range from S$24,000 to S$55,000, and that’s not even counting the living expenses.

But, if there’s one thing that still rings true about college education, it’s this one statement: you get what you pay for.

College Doesn’t Always Have to be Pricey

Scholarships and other reputable education grants offer the best options to save on college costs. There’s also the prevalence of associate degrees at specific institutions — short-term courses that offer the benefits of a full degree at a slashed price tag. A thorough, intense scholarship hunt has proven more than enough for numerous families –at times enough to not even require touching their savings.

It Makes Economic Sense

Nowadays, massive changes in workforce demands have essentially leveled the playing field between college graduates and those without degrees.  But, this doesn’t mean that anyone at all can choose to forego college when the opportunity presents itself. College graduates have been shown to earn 80 percent more than their peers who didn’t finish college.

Georgetown University conducted a study on this topic and uncovered something interesting. From 2009 to 2012, the researchers looked at earnings through various employment stages, which include freshly minted employees and those who’ve spent decades in their careers. Recent college graduates aged 22 to 26 earned 83 percent more than early workers with a high school diploma.

College Costs Can Be Negotiated

College expenses aren’t as constant as they may seem. In-campus financial aid at schools including James Cook University aren’t one-dimensional, which means that students doesn’t have to take the first offer laid in front of them. There’s always a way to stretch it. Additional school scholarships can still fly under any student’s radar, but are completely visible and easy to catch for those who know where and how to look.

This negotiating power can go beyond the campus walls, since nothing spells a catch for employers better than a college degree at a reputable school—with extensive training in a specific field to boot. So, if you’re a parent, do everything in your power to get your child a college education. You’ll thank yourself later, and your kid will reap the rewards. 

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Are You Ruining Your Roof? Costly Mistakes to Avoid

Roof Maintenance in TaurangaWhen the rain comes down, it helps to have a secure roof. A good roof is impervious to the amount of rainwater beating on it with every passing minute. A solid roof withstands not only the falling rain, but also the gusty blowing winds. Good workmanship, proper roofing installation and routine maintenance ensure that your roof remains in good condition for many years. Depending on the material, some roofs can have a lifespan of over 50 years.

Making any of these roofing mistakes cuts down the lifecycle of your roof. Make sure you avoid doing them:

Attempting to DIY

While Tauranga roofing experts take many factors in mind, such as weight, materials, durability and cost, Kiwispout NZ LTD noted that most homeowners are likely to consider style and price alone. Consequently, they might end up with the wrong type of roof. Combining it with inadequate installation skills, this could lead to an absolute disaster. An improper arrangement of shingles and other roofing accessories often leave the roof weak, unappealing and dysfunctional, making it susceptible to water leaks.

Installing Improperly

Failing to install starter shingles, improper use of nails and improper installation of valley flashing are some of the most common mistakes that make roofs prone to leaks. Failure to consider the slope when buying roofing materials may leave your home susceptible to leaks, as well. Imperfect shingle alignment leaves gaps in the roof through, which the water can seep into the house. Insufficient overhang allows water to reach your fascia boards.

Recycling Roofing Materials

As tempting as it is, you should avoid recycling old roofing materials to save some money. It’s a sure way to ruin your roof. When materials do not align properly, there will be room for moisture to seep into the house through the chimneys, skylights and roof alleys.

Avoiding these roofing mistakes should save you thousands of dollars in repairs fees and increase the lifespan of your roof. Take note of them and save your finances from frequent repairs and replacement.

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