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Why investing in your smile can be the best decision you make

Perfect SmileWhat’s your smile worth? Research has shown that an attractive and authentic smile can have huge benefits on relationships in your personal and professional life. But ask people in the UK what they think of their own smile, and the majority will reply with at least some degree of dissatisfaction.

When you see someone smiling a genuine smile you are likely to make many assumptions; you may see that person as happy, positive, fun to be around, trustworthy, entertaining. . . Whereas if someone doesn’t smile, you may (often wrongly) assume they are unhappy, bored, fed up, even depressed. . .

As an increasing number of people in the UK are realising the true value of their smile, they are choosing to invest in it through cosmetic dentistry.

Aesthetic dental treatment is no longer exclusively reserved for the rich and famous. An increasing number of UK dental practices are introducing cosmetic treatments thanks to more people demanding them, as well as improvements in both techniques and materials that make these procedures more affordable.

Finding a trustworthy dentist is key to ensuring your smile makeover goes smoothly, whether you require treatments large or small. Garden View Dental Care in Buckinghamshire offers an extensive range of cosmetic procedures, and includes a section of patient reviews on its website so that you can read first-hand what to expect from treatment, and what the outcome will be.

When you consult with a cosmetic dentist, they should take the time to find out exactly what it is you want to achieve – in other words, what your dream smile would look like if your fairy godmother could grant you that wish there and then.

Once they have established this, and after performing a thorough clinical examination including an assessment of your current oral health, your dentist should talk you through all the options to attain that dream smile. Granted, it may not be quite as fast as the touch of a fairy tale magic wand, but many patients are surprised at how quickly that dream smile can be achieved.

Treatments such as porcelain veneers, composite bonding, and teeth whitening can all create the perfect smile in just a few short appointments.

June 22, 2016 at 10:40 amHealth & Lifestyle