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Looking to the Past: The Role of Title Insurance

Couple Looking at a House They Just BoughtBuying a house is often one of the biggest expenses you make in a lifetime. It takes years — or even decades — worth of working and saving to own your own property. Then, here comes another huge expenditure: title insurance. Is there really a need to get it? The short answer is yes.

Here are two simple yet important reasons you should set aside a budget for one.

Protection from the Past

Title insurance is very important, especially if you are purchasing a home from a previous owner. Unlike other types of insurance that offer protection from things that are yet to happen, a title company in New Jersey will offer you protection from the past.

A title search is one of the processes that comes with title insurance. It includes screening the title and ownership history for any liabilities and issues that might surface and cause problems to the current owner.

More often than not, a title search may lead to common title problems such as unpaid taxes. Keep in mind that any unpaid taxes will pass on to you once you close a deal. Title insurance helps protect you from such scenarios and related losses.

Other common issues include improper vesting of names, mortgages, and deed problems. These issues, though seemingly minor, may cause legal problems in the future.

Protection from Fraud

Over the years, fraud strategies have become more rampant and even more creative. Fraudsters are able to sell properties they do not even own more easily than before. Title insurance provides you with some kind of fraud protection. Furthermore, it keeps your savings secure.

Though most people skip it because of the amount they have to pay out, title insurance can help keep your investments safe from the past as well as from fraud. It is, in fact, worth getting.

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That Thing You Do Before ‘I Do’: Making Your Marriage Proposal Extra Special

A Romantic ProposalFor couples, a marriage proposal is the start of something new and better. There are many good things to look forward to after they decide to take their relationships to the next level. Are you planning to pop the question this year? Here are some ways to make your marriage proposal extra special and truly memorable.

1. Offer a Custom-Made Engagement Ring

Whilst there are many beautiful and outstanding engagement ring designs you can choose from, giving a custom-made ring is one of the best ways to make marriage proposals truly special. This is especially helpful if you already have a ring design in mind or if you have special details that you want to incorporate into the ring.

JewelCast Ltd recommends finding a jewellery designer that you can work with to turn your vision into reality.

2. Find the Perfect Spot

Finding the perfect spot to pop the question can be a challenge, particularly if you want to do it in a public area. Some people choose to do it during games or concerts, but if you are more of the low-key type, the perfect spot could be any place that means a lot to both of you.

Whichever you choose, make sure it is a place that both of you will instantly recognise as something special. It could be the restaurant where you had your first date as a couple or the place where you first met.

3. Make Sure Your Bases Are Covered

If you are planning to have someone play a musical piece, be it a solo artist or a full string quartet; make sure you inquire with the venue manager if you need any special permits or clearances. Even if it is just a small restaurant, talk to the manager and the staff about your plan, so they will be aware that something beautiful will take place. This will help them address any special requests or do some crowd control.

4. Ask Help From Friends and Family

You might want to include your family and friends in the exciting event. Do not be shy to ask help to get everyone together for the special moment. Planning and coordination are key.

People make a great deal out of marriage proposals, especially in this age of social media. Make sure yours is Instagram-worthy. Consider these tips to make your marriage proposal one for the books.

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Spotting Termite Infestation in Indiana

Termite Infestation

Termite infestation is a serious home problem. It is responsible for more than $5 billion of damage to properties, primarily homes, every year! The bigger issue is this is usually not covered by standard home insurance policies, as they insure damages caused by natural disasters.

What can a homeowner do, then? Simple: pay attention to their presence and get rid of the infestation before it gets worse. Here are some of the most common signs:

Mud Tubes and Tunnels

Seemingly random linear patterns that run on the walls may need further investigation. Pest control companies say there’s a good chance they are mud tubes built by termites to transport themselves to their food source, which is wood. If you look underneath the homes and see tunnels, it’s possible you have a growing subterranean termite colony.

Hollow Sound of Wood

If you think you have a termite infestation, try boring a hole and accessing the wood part of your home’s structure. Knock on the wood. Listen. Does it sound like the wood is hollow on the inside? You may have a termite infestation.


Springtime’s here. This is the best time to start checking your home for any presence of termites. Subterranean termites tend to swarm during this season, while the drywood termites, although rare in Indiana, can form a colony during the summer.


Termites do make noises, especially when they feel threatened or disturbed, but you may not hear them because of the concrete. A company specializing in pest control in Indiana can help you. It’s usually equipped with meters and other tools that can detect termite presence even if you don’t hear the noise or see any of the other signs.

Termites should thrive outside, not in your home. Don’t wait for them to create serious damage to your home’s structure. Be more attentive to the warning signs.


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