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Guaranteeing the Safety of Your 1031 Exchange Funds

Coins and calculatorSeveral rules govern a 1031 exchange. One of these is the 45-day rule for the identification of your replacement property. During this time, you have no access to the proceeds from the trade of your relinquished property. Most investors are anxious about losing their hard-earned cash during this period and avoid 1031 exchanges altogether.

Though this is a genuine concern, it should not stop you from benefitting from the tax breaks of a 1031 transaction. In Utah, you can find a 1031 exchange company like 1031 Exchange Place to guarantee the security of your funds.

Have a Separate Escrow Account

Some investors opt to have their funds held in one account with their intermediary to minimize costs. Still, it is safer to have a segregated escrow account that only contains your funds. Though this attracts extra fees, it enhances your funds’ security.

Opt for a Dual-signature Account

If you decide to hold your fund in your qualified intermediary’s operating account, go for a dual-signature option. This account will need two signatures before the releasing of funds. These include your signature and that of your qualified intermediary, as the company remains the account’s primary holder.

Work with a Company with Insurance and Bonds

Working with a 1031 intermediary with insurance boots your funds’ security. The fidelity bond insures the company against fraud, while the errors-and-commission insurance covers clients’ claims for fund misuse. The existence of bonds and insurance lessens the risk of loss.

With the given guidelines, you can now confidently opt for a 1031 exchange. 100% transparency from your qualified intermediary also goes a long way in giving you peace of mind. Be sure to document your terms and conditions.

October 16, 2018 at 1:00 amFinance

What Makes Polycarbonate Material Ideal for School Shelter Canopies

canopy set up outdoors

Using a canopy for school shelters can turn outdoor areas into a space for various activities. Outdoor classrooms, dining areas and playgrounds are just some possible functions of school shelter canopies.

To provide maximum shelter from weather conditions such as the sun, rain, hail or snow, it’s important to choose the right materials. The materials must be easy to install to minimise disruptions in school operations and must be durable enough to withstand heavy-duty and long-term use.


Lightweight building materials are easy to transport, are more flexible and adapt to change in temperature faster. Canopies of building school shelters must be mounted on either timber or steel frames with ease and match the structure of an existing building for a pleasant outdoor playground. Lightweight materials are easier to install, repair or replace than heavy materials like metal, glass or concrete.

UV protection properties

Outdoor play is essential in boosting children’s development. The stimulation of the senses – sight, smell, hear, touch and taste — when playing outdoors helps children develop better cognitive, physical and social capabilities. However, too much exposure to the sun has adverse effects to the health so school shelter canopies should be built with materials that have UV protection properties.

Resistant to extreme weather conditions

Polycarbonate material is classified as a thermoplastic material, which means that it possesses high melting and freezing points. Because of this, they can withstand extremely hot and cool temperatures. It is essential that school shelter canopies provide protection from all the seasons for children to be able to play year round. Polycarbonate material is also an amorphous solid, and it is virtually unbreakable. Because of this, it can carry heavy loads like snow build-up and piles of dried leaves for an extended period. It also possesses all the aforementioned characteristics which make it an ideal canopy material for school shelters.

Building school shelter canopies depend on the location of the structure. Whether it is fixed to an existing building or is freestanding, it is important to make sure that the frame and the roof are compatible to create an area with maximum protection.

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Types of Removable Retainers

Crooked TeethStraightening crooked teeth is typically done using braces. There are now clear braces which will enhance patient compliance with treatment since they are generally invisible. After the braces, you will need retainers to maintain the achieved position of the teeth for some time.

There are different types of dental retainers including permanent and removable retainers. Among the removable retainers on the market are Hawley and Essix or invisible retainer, which is available is at Orthodenco Orthodenco Lab.

Here are some tidbits on these removable retainers.

Clear Retainers

These have the same discreet convenience and appearance as clear aligners. They are constructed from acrylic and form a snug fit on the upper and lower teeth. Clear retainers are generally used for less serious cases of dental misalignment and for a longer period compared to Hawley retainers. They are however non-adjustable and at times interfere with a wearer’s speech.

Hawley Retainers

These are currently the common retainers on the market. Their construction design comprises clasps and wires anchored on a fairly thick plastic body. Your clients can opt to have their Hawley retainer in different colors for a personalized design. The retainers are adjustable and can be fine-tuned based on your clients’ dental alignment progress. Hawley retainers are used for teeth which were initially severely misaligned teeth. They are unfortunately non-discrete and might interfere with your client’s speech.

Positioning Retainers

These are constructed of rubber. They are used if you need to further adjust your clients’ teeth after removal of braces rather than hold them in position. You can adjust positioning retainers throughout the patient’s treatment to enhance the results.

The above removable retainers are easy for your clients to maintain since they can be removed for flossing and brushing or when eating. They will also prove more convenient compared to fixed retainers for your clients. This boosts your clients’ compliance with treatment.

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