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July 22, 2015 at 7:21 am

A Holistic Health for Your Aging Body and Soul

Life does not stop at 70, nor does it at 80, 90 or even 100. Life stops only and only when we take our last breath. Until that moment comes, every minute of our lives is an opportunity to live.

There is more to living than just surviving. It is about seizing every chance at new experiences and taking every spur of inspiration that life throws our way.

As you age, this adventure never stops. It will continue as long as there is blood in your veins and vigour in your spirit.

Focusing on the human spirit

Aging Body and SoulThe human spirit is often misunderstood and overlooked when it comes to assessing a person’s health. says a healthy spirit translates to a healthy body. While it sounds abstract, the spirit is much more concrete than you think. Through reconnection with your passions and interests, you can enrich the spirit and live out your last days more meaningfully.

Re-embracing faith

For most aging people, reconnecting to their old faith or embracing a new one can be a spiritual experience that makes the days feel more valuable and meaningful. Some retirement villages prioritise the exploration of faith and focuses on its role of helping elder loved-ones cope with aging.

Being physically active

In addition to spiritual and mental health, physical health is just as important. Immersing yourself in the beautiful sights of nature, like a relaxing day trip to your local springs and mountain trails, does not only make for a healthy heart, but also for a healthy eye and mind.

Being in communities

Finally, the social health of an aging individual is also a significant aspect in his or her overall wellbeing. Now is a good time as any to build and renew friendships. Connecting with new people and strengthening bonds with old ones can enrich your experience as you make that journey together.

Thankfully, modern retirement homes offer programs that give aging loved-ones purpose to live today, a reason to look forward to the future and become a part of a community that nurtures the mind, body and spirit.