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What Makes Polycarbonate Material Ideal for School Shelter Canopies

canopy set up outdoors

Using a canopy for school shelters can turn outdoor areas into a space for various activities. Outdoor classrooms, dining areas and playgrounds are just some possible functions of school shelter canopies.

To provide maximum shelter from weather conditions such as the sun, rain, hail or snow, it’s important to choose the right materials. The materials must be easy to install to minimise disruptions in school operations and must be durable enough to withstand heavy-duty and long-term use.


Lightweight building materials are easy to transport, are more flexible and adapt to change in temperature faster. Canopies of building school shelters must be mounted on either timber or steel frames with ease and match the structure of an existing building for a pleasant outdoor playground. Lightweight materials are easier to install, repair or replace than heavy materials like metal, glass or concrete.

UV protection properties

Outdoor play is essential in boosting children’s development. The stimulation of the senses – sight, smell, hear, touch and taste — when playing outdoors helps children develop better cognitive, physical and social capabilities. However, too much exposure to the sun has adverse effects to the health so school shelter canopies should be built with materials that have UV protection properties.

Resistant to extreme weather conditions

Polycarbonate material is classified as a thermoplastic material, which means that it possesses high melting and freezing points. Because of this, they can withstand extremely hot and cool temperatures. It is essential that school shelter canopies provide protection from all the seasons for children to be able to play year round. Polycarbonate material is also an amorphous solid, and it is virtually unbreakable. Because of this, it can carry heavy loads like snow build-up and piles of dried leaves for an extended period. It also possesses all the aforementioned characteristics which make it an ideal canopy material for school shelters.

Building school shelter canopies depend on the location of the structure. Whether it is fixed to an existing building or is freestanding, it is important to make sure that the frame and the roof are compatible to create an area with maximum protection.

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How 3D Printing Changes The Way We Live

a close up of a printer3D printing has come a long way since it was first developed in the 1980s. People can now buy specific materials such as plastic welding rods in 3D shops across the country. One of the best ways to learn more about 3D printing is by knowing how various industries apply it in their line of work. So here a few examples of people use 3D printing nowadays.


3D printing also has a huge impact on the engineering field as well. Based on an article posted on Tech World, British Formula One even uses this technology to create various parts of its racing cars. Access to this technology shortens the time spent on developing parts and also gives the company the ability to provide a much quicker response on the performance of its features.

Medical Field

3D printing is now playing some of the most essential roles in the field of medicine. According to Forbes, 3D printing has been used to help reproduce organs coming from a patient’s cells. It means that patients only have to wait for a short period to get the organs that they need. It’s also used for prosthetics as well.


3D printing also revolutionized the field of architecture. They’re often used to create small-scale models of houses to show the features of their design better.


The technology also plays a vital role in fashion. Fashion brands such as Adidas are now tapping into 3D printing technology when they launched new trainer shoes and incorporated a 3D printed sole.

These are just a few of the benefits that 3D printing is offering these days. Anyone can also use 3D printing for their projects. You may want to choose a shop that has all the materials that you need to be able to produce your project depending on your budget.

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Get Ahead in an Evolving Print Industry with 2 Smart Moves

Inside a printing factoryIn the face of emerging technology, many experts have been quick to dismiss the print industry and claim it is on its deathbed. Many times, they have been proven wrong as the sector reinvents itself to meet evolving customer needs.

Despite the popularity of the digital technology, the print market remains a lucrative sector with great opportunities. You only need to refine your business approach to cash in on growing demand for large-format printing services.

1. Evolve into a branding consultant.

Go are the days when you could simply exist as a print shop and still make bank. Changing market dynamics and consumer preferences keep upping the ante in the advertising space.

You need to scale up your range of services to become a full spectrum marketing service provider. It also means that you need to offer branding advice to prospects and help them get the best results.

You would have to embark on detailed market research to understand the target market. In-Depth knowledge of the market helps to identify their pain points and identify the gap in the market. You can then tailor your services to tend to these gaps and grow your client base.

2. Flaunt your success stories.

If you are looking for a way to grab the attention of the target market, you can’t go wrong with customer success stories. You only need to package them in a most captivating and interesting way. See, people are inclined to believe client stories than your marketing message.

Prospects can identify with the pains and struggles that a client went through and it offers them a glimmer of hope. Success stories assure them of success if they follow in the footsteps of your clients and this translates to booming business for you.

Despite many pundits trying to write off the print industry, the sector is constantly evolving to suit dynamic market needs. With the right approach, you can give your printing firm an edge in the market.

June 29, 2018 at 6:31 pmInfo Tech

How Metal Fabrication Helps in Power Generation and the Energy Industry

Solar Panels on the RoofWithout the energy industry, society wouldn’t be as civilized and comfortable as it is right now. Power plants harness various sources of energy like sunlight, wind, or oil with their pieces of equipment made from metal fabrication.

This process of “fabricating,” or building metal by cutting, bending, or assembling, is sought after by the energy industry due to the strength of its products, such as the following:

Solar Panels

Steel fabricators here in Edmonton could make solar panels by welding or joining them together, from individual pieces to large rectangular sheets. These pieces of metal can absorb heat from the sun and convert it into electrical energy to power appliances and other devices at home.

Transmission Towers

These towers are the black ones that traverse long roads and slither through metros as they carry power lines that provide electricity to homes and establishments, made possible by metal fabricators as well.

Oil and Gas Pipelines

Oil and gas pipelines have to be made of sturdy material like steel so they could withstand exposure to outdoor elements like soil or saltwater. Because these pipes have to be long and wide enough to contain loads of oil and gas, expert metal fabricators have to weld them together properly so they wouldn’t leak.

Wind Turbines

The blades of wind turbines operate in such a way that they harness the energy from moving air, at the same time be strong enough to withstand gales and harsh weather conditions. This is why the blades are made of sturdy metal like steel.

In summary, the energy industry helps modern society by providing power obtained from outdoor elements like the sun, the wind, underground oil, and gas. For this to work, players in the energy industry use sturdy machinery made by metal fabricators.

June 8, 2018 at 8:59 amInfo Tech

The Most Sought-After Cybersecurity Skills

IT security professional working on his laptopCybersecurity is among the most challenging and complex IT area to master. In fact, businesses worldwide are having a difficult time due to the cybersecurity talent shortage.

While having a CompTIA Security+ SY-501 certification would help put you on the right path towards a fulfilling IT security career, you would need other cybersecurity skills to get best job offers.

IT expert CertBlaster states that these skills include the following.

Risk Mitigation

This involves exploring new risks and monitoring identified risks. You need to know how to create a risk mitigation strategy that would reduce potential risks, damage to a project, and have a plan ready in case of a system breach.

Cloud Security

Demand for cloud security is very high because more and businesses use “The Cloud” for storing their data. There are various threats specific to cloud security, with the most dangerous being hijacked accounts, data breaches, malicious insiders, insufficient diligence, and system vulnerability exploits.

Intrusion Detection

This involves identifying dangerous activities that have the potential to compromise the availability, integrity, and confidentiality of data. You would need to learn various intrusion detection techniques such as physical detection to find hazards on physical systems.

This also includes host-based detection to find illegal activities on particular devices and network-based detection to try to identify unauthorized activities according to network traffic.

Cybersecurity Analysis

Plenty of cybersecurity professionals begin their careers as security information analysts. Security information analysts develop and implement security measures to safeguard systems.

But businesses nowadays need more focus on cybersecurity information analysis to prevent unscrupulous users from accessing corporate networks, stealing confidential data, and holding it up for ransom.

Network Monitoring

This is extremely critical since cyber attacks are based on letting spyware or malware get inside target systems. Cyber attacks are usually successful due to hackers exploiting network security vulnerabilities. Hackers could even be exploiting these vulnerabilities for months or years, without the target system knowing.

Do note though that you don’t necessarily need to have all of these skills to succeed as an IT security professional. However, specializing in one or two could provide your more career options and help fill in the shortage of cybersecurity skills in the industry.

May 30, 2018 at 3:38 pmInfo Tech

4 Tips to Build a Farming Business in a Rural Area

Farmer feeding livestockTech is not the only industry that is experiencing a massive surge in demand. As the population of the world is increasing, the need for food is also rising in ways humanity has never seen. This is the reason why farming has become a good idea for a business for most entrepreneurs.

However, it can be a struggle to do it in a rural area due to the logistical and accessibility issues. These four things can help you build a farming business in a rural area.

Stock up on fuel

When you are in a rural area, there is a big chance that you are nowhere near a gasoline station where you can purchase fuel. Fuel is especially useful in running several farm equipment so you cannot afford not to have it when you are working.

One effective way to store your fuel is within fuel tanks. Search for a supplier of portable fuel tanks, so you no longer have to go to the gasoline station every time.

Buy a small truck

A small truck is very versatile on the farm. You can use it for transporting supplies to the farm. But most importantly, it saves you a lot of delivery fees as you can do the task yourself.

Choose crops that would do well in the weather

You want your yield to be of high quality and quantity. This is why you should choose crops you know grow well in the area.

Make sure you have access to water

To say that water is important to crops is an understatement. This is why you should have a water source.

Establishing a farming business can be incredibly challenging especially when you are venturing into it for the first time. But the financial rewards of this industry are worth the hassle you will get.

May 1, 2018 at 8:06 amInfo Tech

Reasons to Harvest Rainwater for Home and Garden Use

Rainwater absorberWater scarcity is a major concern in many places around the world. Even in areas where there is a reliable supply of potable water, people are encouraged to conserve water. One way to do this is by harvesting rainwater.

Farms, barns, and commercial gardens aren’t the only ones that can benefit from rainwater harvesting. The practice of collecting and storing rainwater brings plenty of benefits to households as well.

According to the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation, at least 26 per cent of homes in Australia are now using collected rainwater for household use. Even if you only have a small area for storing water, there are slimline rainwater tanks that can easily fit in limited spaces.

Here are some reasons why you should consider installing a rainwater collection system at home.

Reduced water bills

Water prices across Australia are expected to increase to help costs for government investment in infrastructure such as dams, desalination plants, and the wider coverage of piped water networks. Rainwater harvesting reduces dependence on mains water supply. This translates into reduced water bills.


The initial cost of having a rainwater collection system installed can seem high – there’s the upfront cost of supplies and installation, and also the costs of electricity and ongoing maintenance. But don’t worry ‒ if you have a rainwater collection tank, you may qualify for rebates from the government. The rebate would depend on the size or volume of your tank and how you use the water you have collected.

Water availability

Having stored rainwater provides a backup supply should a problem occur with other water sources.

Good for the environment

Aside from conserving water, rainwater harvesting reduces reliance on rivers and other waterways. It also decreases storm water runoff, which can cause flooding and creek scouring.

If you are thinking of ways to do your part in protecting the environment, whilst saving money in the long term, harvesting rainwater is definitely a smart move.

March 20, 2018 at 9:00 amInfo Tech

Laser Engraver: Practical and Artistic Uses

Laser engraversPeople who are into artistic crafts own various sets of tools which can help them with their passion. Owning a good pair of scissors, cutters, and various pen colors are just the start. If you are thinking of the perfect gift for your creative friend, loved one, or special someone, then you might want to consider purchasing a laser engraver.

Buying a laser engraver is not only for professionals as there are various ways you can use it both for practical and artistic purposes. Below are some ways you can use it both artistically and practically.

Practical and artistic uses for laser engravers

  1. Glass spice jars

Always putting salt instead of sugar on your coffee because they have the same container and barely readable labels? Use a laser engraver to engrave the name of the contents. Now, there is no more reason to put salt in your cup of coffee ever again.

  1. Dog collars

No one wants to lose their precious mutt, but sometimes, they can just be too hard headedly cute and follow that butterfly down the street. Make it easier for kind-hearted people to give him back by engraving important contact details in case he gets lost.

  1. Wooden pieces

The laser can penetrate through almost anything. Personalize your wooden pieces by engraving your name, add creative interiors using a block of wood, or make customized rolling pins all with the help of your laser engraver. This will cost you less than buying ready-made ones from the store.

  1. Leather engraving

Put your name in your wallet or your leather bag and make it stylishly personalized while at the same time giving others no reason to mistakenly think it is theirs.

  1. Labels

Put labels

 in your cupboard, your garden, your room, and anything that needs labeling, creatively with the help of your laser engraver.

Laser engravers are the investment that you never thought you needed. Purchase one and see how it can make any artistic soul happy.

March 10, 2018 at 1:00 amInfo Tech

What You Should Know Before Taking the CompTIA Security+ Test

Man working in ITThe United States boasts of having an advanced and innovative Information Technology sector. With millions of available jobs and higher than average salary packages, it’s easy to see why more people are looking to build a career in this industry.

This means more chances for you to have a successful and lucrative career. However, it also means the competition is extremely tight, with millions of other IT professionals wanting the same job as you do.

Gaining an advantage over other IT professionals

With such a massive crowd to compete with, you want to make sure you enter the job market more prepared than the others. One way to make your curriculum vitae stand out is to indicate that you have a CompTIA Security+ certificate. This certificate indicates that you have the right skills, knowledge, and training when it comes to IT security.

The requirements

To obtain this certificate, you would have to pass the exam that tests various areas of your IT knowledge. It covers security measures for maintaining confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data and IT infrastructures. It also includes validating your skills in risk identification and mitigation, as well as operational security, among many others.

Preparing for the certification

That said, you can already tell how complex and complicated the test is. But you will only find it difficult if you don’t prepare properly. As early as now, you should test your own skills and knowledge by taking a CompTIA Security+ practice test. Doing so can increase your chances of passing the actual exam, which is a priority since you want to get ahead of the competition.

While practice tests don’t put the exact questions that you’ll find on the actual exam, it will still give you a feel of what to expect. So, practice as soon as you can and gain the edge you need.

January 23, 2018 at 7:47 amInfo Tech

Fastener Materials: A Look at Different Types

SteelIn construction, each part to make a whole, no matter how small or simple it is, matters. Therefore, part of usual maintenance instructions in machines is the checking of screws and bolts, aside from the usual inspection of bigger parts.

Like main parts, however, small fastening tools are also made up of different materials. Your supplier might recommend stainless steel bolts and nuts for one project and brass bolts and nuts for the other.

But why is there a need for such distinction? 


This is the most common fastener material due to its strength and durability. Steel fastener comes in a variety of types, like stainless steel, galvanised steel, and alloys, among others. It also comes in various bolt grades: Grade 2 is the standard bolt type usually found in hardware stores.

Grade 5 is stronger than Grade 2 and people use them in automotive materials, while Grade 8 is stronger than Grade 5 and used for more demanding automotive parts.


This is the least costly among all the other types of fastener metals, known for its light, soft and corrosion resistant properties. Aluminium fasteners also come in different grades and are sometimes equal or exceed the tensile strength of mild steel.


Brass can easily be shaped into anything and still remains strong and durable. It is nonmagnetic and has a higher degree of lustre. Unlike steel and aluminium, however, brass is worked by using cold temperature.


Copper has a high conductivity and malleability. Aside from that, copper is also a popular choice in construction because it is corrosion resistant. Although classified as non-precious metal because the world is abundant is copper supply, the quality of fasteners from copper is also notable.

So, the next time you have a construction project, take note of the fasteners that you will be using. They play a huge role in the success of your project. 

December 5, 2017 at 1:00 amInfo Tech