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How Fabric Structure Foils Heavy Steel and Concrete

A white fabric tentFabric-based shelters are becoming popular structures in Australia. You may have walked underneath one during a large open-air wedding, dined inside them in an al fresco domed restaurant, sought shade under them as park canopy or glimpsed them from afar in some airport hangar.

Lightweight to the Future

Fabric structures are constructed fibres used to build free-form buildings either for temporary or long-term use. The Technical Textiles and Non-Woven Association (TTNA) in Australia explains that industrial textiles including those used in fabric shelters are developed in response to the challenge of using lightweight materials in various industries.

Though lightweight, fabric shelter materials are engineered to meet the global standards of the building industry just like any other building material. The fabric membranes are mixed with wood, metal, glass, and stone, and they are tested to withstand high tension. As such, they are tough, flame-retardant, weather-resistant and can withstand natural forces to guarantee the soundness of the structure.

Their durability has been proven in various industries like seaports, airports, sports arenas, exhibition venues and warehouses that they are used as permanent buildings. Over time, creative minds have found more uses for fabric structures, from modernising building entrances and lobbies to creating instant pods for businesses like diners, cafes, and bookstores.

Heavyweight Benefits

The benefits of fabric-made structures are many and surprising compared to conventional building materials like wood, steel, glass or concrete. These include:


They are fully recyclable and require less lighting and reflects radiant heat for lesser energy consumption.


Lightweight and modular, they can be moved or transferred to another location or stored for future installation.


They are priced less than steel or concrete, use less supporting structures and construction crew and require fewer installation hours than traditional building works.


Apart from pre-designed or standard structures, fabric shelters can also be built into various shapes for bespoke and unique designs.


The entry of fabric structure as a cost-effective and innovative building material has vastly improved the construction sector and holds a lot of promise as a material of the future.

November 11, 2017 at 1:00 amStraight Market

Tips for an Efficient Transportation of Goods

Logistic by Container TruckWhen transporting goods to different stores, you have to make sure that your products remain in top condition. Here are some tips for an effective and efficient transportation:

Start with an organised inventory

Before proceeding into delivery, organise all items first and check their quality, seal and packaging. Make a plan on how to load the products into the truck, ship or plane. Ask questions like how many products will fit to save you time and effort. Keeping everything organised is a vital technique.

Make use of the necessary equipment

Manpower is a good source of work, and so are equipment, machines and other technology invented to make things easier. For example, instead of just carrying the products, your workers could use stillage cages when storing and transporting your goods. Some designs even have wheels for easy movement. These cages can protect your products falling and breaking, and your staff from slipping and falling too.

Do a final check

Since you have already assured that the products are included in the inventory and packed properly, it is time to consider the transportation proper. Should you use private or public transportation depends on your budget or convenience. Before loading into any means of transportation, always check if the products are still properly loaded and stacked. Load the most possible amount of products but make sure that it will not affect their quality.

Ask for updates

Communicate with the personnel you assigned for transport and have them report any accident or problem they encountered during the delivery.

November 1, 2017 at 1:00 amStraight Market

Underground and Above Ground Storage Tanks: Advantages of Each Types

Silver storage tanksIn any industrial business, it is essential to offer proper and sufficient resources to handle the massive resources of the establishment. Whether you want to keep fuel or raw materials inside, the kind of storage tank you select must follow the procedures and guidelines of the EPA.

If you do not want to be the cause of a major environmental disaster, you have to be watchful of your storage facilities. Presently, there are two kinds of storage tanks: underground and above ground tank fabrications, which have their pros.

Underground Storage Tanks

According to the EPA, an underground storage tank is any tank with at least 10 percent of its total volume located beneath the ground. The industry uses this kind to handle possibly harmful materials like petroleum products controlled by the EPA.

Underground storage tanks are perfect for businesses that want to save on space. Installing their storage tank underground will result in plenty more real estate space. They can transform such space for more beneficial functions, including mini parks, driveways and lawns.

There are cases when they even choose to build low-rise sectional structures above it.

Above Ground Storage Tanks

Based on industry experts, above ground storage tanks are a better choice for businesses who prefer to cut costs. This type of storage tank does not require considerable paving, reinforcing, backfilling and digging. They are extremely easy to set up, repair and maintain.

Although, you have to be cautious with this type for it is susceptible to environmental elements, such as leaks and fires. Thus, it is essential to implement habitual tank inspection to reduce the risks.

Some choose underground storage tanks for premium space and safety. Most prefer above ground storage tanks for easy installation and cost considerations. Ultimately, it will depend on the type of material you handle, and the time you have to maintain them.

October 16, 2017 at 6:27 pmStraight Market

Australia’s Logistics Industry Needs Cold-Chain Investments

perishable products delivered fresh on a food stall Australia’s logistics industry will have to invest in cold-chain technology to keep the country’s competitiveness in food exports, amid a growing demand from around the world, according to FEMC Australia.

A representative of the logistics technology manufacturer said that developing cold-chain solutions has become important, particularly in keeping the freshness of commodities during transportation.

Sealing Freshness

Exports of are arguably the toughest endeavour for the supply chain industry. Aside from accurate delivery timelines and rigid customs regulations, it also requires various technologies to prevent spoilage and maintain freshness with little to no error.

Cold-chain technology can complement existing tools to secure cargo, including polyester strap products. The FEMC Australia representative noted that cold-chain investments will be more relevant when exporting food to countries with underdeveloped cold chains.

Australian logistics companies should take advantage of the country’s robust cold chain network to venture into other markets. Exporters, however, should carefully review their options when planning to do so, especially in markets without developed cold-chain systems, since safe delivery will be a challenge.

E-Commerce Chain

Aside from a need to invest in cold-chain technology, the rise of e-commerce activity has led the logistics sector to provide ‘slick and smart supply chains’, according to industry expert Ingilby Dickson. Since online channels have allowed businesses to place bulk orders, the industry has placed greater focus on planning to improve clients’ experience.

Dickson cited cost-to-serve understanding and technology as an example, which allows businesses to estimate the cost of serving a client.

Investments in technology are no longer just a means to innovate services within the supply chain. The logistics industry has recognised them as a necessity to keep up with rising demand and changing trends. In Australia, the pace of investment in new systems will determine whether or not it maintains its global competitiveness.

September 27, 2017 at 5:27 pmStraight Market

4 Ways to Selling Your House Fast

Rumors say that the selling property is not good nowadays but you can always turn the disadvantage into an advantage!

Here are some techniques that you can use to sell your house fast. Tip: they all involve creative advertising, and in choosing the best ad agency that you need.

Check Your Ad Agency’s Strategy

Everyone knows how the Internet has changed the lives of people. From checking ads on newspapers, people now go to Craigslist, regardless if you’re looking for a home or a job. This means that it pays to check the ad agency you are going to use to make sure that they are up to date with their online marketing strategy. People like websites with visual appeal, so if your ad agency does not show pictures or graphics, you can always advise them to add more as needed.

People are Highly Visual

houseAn ad agency, Salt Lake City or elsewhere, can also perform marketing by posting videos on your different pages. People from other states who want to transfer find it difficult to look for properties unless they travel for miles. Instead of incurring unnecessary charges, a video can allow you to show your property to them online.

Leave Something Valuable Behind

People tend to be too practical, you would not leave any valuable things behind and the buyer would want something extra from you. So leave a freebie behind, something that would catch the attention of your buyer. Remember you are more eager to sell your property and they have more to choose from.

Leave something that is quite valuable that you can replace such as a dining room appliance, plasma TV, a lawnmower, or even a golf cart. You never know; this could make or break their decision.

Condition Matters

The competition is tighter because everyone seems to be selling a property or two at low prices. But most of these conditions are not livable to buyers, so get ahead of them and make your house ready for occupancy.

Be as practical as possible when selling your house, always remember to not go too low because you want to sell it fast, just give it time and you will find the right buyer at the right price.

April 16, 2015 at 12:45 amStraight Market

Social Media Sins that Beginners Commit

Social media is a great avenue for publicity. It possesses great potential for business to increase revenue through expanded consumer reach and traffic. When misused, a brand faces the risk of damaging their online reputation.

While each social media network is unique, these sites can prove to be beneficial in promoting products, bringing more customers and increase in revenue. Proper digital marketing is significant, and brands cannot afford to make mistakes. One error can lead to multiple stabs against a company’s good reputation.

Brands should know better avoid the following social media sins:

Sin 1 – Forgetting the CustomerSocial Media

One of the biggest social media sins for brands is making the content all about them. Users do not appreciate ads blatantly marketing on their news feeds. While providing information about services is important, brands should not forget to prioritize their target in all efforts.

Building relationships is the key to successful advertising. Rather than bombard potential customers with sales marketing, offer them posts of advice or life hacks. People will remember brands that offered memorable solutions to problems.

Sin 2 – Possessing Multiple Accounts

Successful advertising involves making a brand’s presence known. Having an account in every social network is tempting but is not recommended.

It’s not a bad idea to manage multiple accounts but businesses need not be in every social network.

Instead of creating numerous accounts, doing research first is the safest bet. Brands should identify the social media site with most potential customers and prioritize these platforms. This way, all attention and focus are dedicated to these sites for best results.

Sin 3- Hashtag Hijacking

Companies like C1 Partners note that hashtags are effective in gathering likes from customers and generating buzz for brands. To attract more attention, companies should come up with eye-catching hashtags sure to trend social media.

Nonetheless, brands should be cautious with hashtags. Original creative intentions are ruined by hijacked hashtags. For example, the infamous #McDStories involved the fast food chain asking customers to share memorable childhood memories. The plan backfired when users hijacked the hashtag with horror stories instead.

Sin 4 –Wrong Timing with Social Media Updates

Timing is everything, even in social media. For brands to receive attention, updates should be posted during prime time. Refrain from posting updates during ‘dead hours.’ Social updates have quick life spans, making it difficult to reach more audiences if brands are not calculative with social sharing.

March 20, 2015 at 11:15 amStraight Market

Here’s What it Means to Wear School Uniforms

High School Uniform“Suit up!” This is a phrase not only for men garbing tuxedos, but for young ladies who start their day in school by wearing the typical shirt, tie, blazer and skirt ensemble.

Other than maintaining the look of aesthetic uniformity (hence, the term ‘uniform’), there’s more than what meets the eye in these stylish school uniforms for girls and boys.

1. Your Badge of Pride

A way to show that a student represents an institution is by wearing the prescribed school uniform. Wearing school uniform has more to do about raising the school spirit and less than authorities exerting their power. Displaying your school’s coat of arms on your blazer is a way for students to show they belong to an organisation they’re proud of. This also helps school authorities identify who are the outsiders in the campus by looking out for those who are not wearing the school uniform.

2. Show you have the Brains –by Dressing Smartly

Formal uniform helps student with managing people’s impression of them, as well as build good reputation for the institution where they’re studying. It implies order and discipline, one that will exude respect among people who see students wearing the complete school attire. This also gives students a sense of what it’s like to dress in a presentable way and generate more confidence in them.

3. Encouraging Students to Focus on their Studies

Because students have school uniforms by default, girls won’t have to worry about the dilemma of ‘what to wear the next day’—this makes them blend in more easily with fellow students, with a school media specialist claiming that ‘dressing alike helps students learn that what really counts is on the inside.’

With the help of a school uniform, students will take schoolwork and classroom more seriously, helping them turn their attention to what they should learn instead of how they should look.

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The Roller Shutter Effect: Defence from Fire, Hurricane and Burglary

Roller Shutter Garage DoorAustralia is vulnerable to natural calamities. With the number of assets at risk, businesses have a lot to protect. Prevention of damages should be one of the top concerns of owners, especially those located in areas prone to natural and man-made catastrophes.
Luckily, preventive measures don’t cost that much. Installing efficient, heavy-duty roller shutters can go a long way in safeguarding businesses.


In February, one of the biggest bushfires in Australia broke out. “WA temperatures are on the rise and bushfires are set to worsen in the future”, the Climate Council report says. WA, a declared fire-zone area, has suffered from 1000 fires since January this year.
During a fire, embers and flying debris could blow into properties with enough force to break down windows and doors. For businesses, their best option is roller shutters integrated with flame-retardant wool fibre.
In Perth, there are available heavy-duty shutters ideal for shop fronts and kiosks. Buyers can save a lot of money by looking for those half price commercial roller shutters, but recommends they should be CSIRO rated to protect against ember heat from bushfires. They also act as heavy-gauge, extruded protection that resists fire and prevents it from spreading inside.


The metal and fabric of roller shutters are able to withstand high-speed winds and pounding rain. The extruded roller shutter comes with a double-wall slat with a width of 1.2-1.5mm. These slats slide into aluminium tracks that provide a solid anchoring point to lock the curtain securely into place.
These protective barriers keep the wind from causing potential damages, like blowing out the roof and fragile items.


Western Australia has the second highest burglary incidence in the country, Australian Federal Office reports. This raises another reason for property owners in the area to take protective measures.
Roller shutters usually come with anti-theft features that make it almost impossible for burglars to break in. One feature is the safety lock, which may be bolts that are difficult to break even with the use of crowbars, hacksaws and sledgehammers. Another is the safety springs, which are steel springs that hold the curtain in place. Once the shutters are down, intruders can no longer raise them up because of the safety springs.
Business owners living in danger-prone areas will serve their properties well to choose practical preventive actions that would ensure not only safety, but also productivity.

March 7, 2015 at 2:55 amStraight Market

Negotiation: The Name of the Game that Is Media Buying

NegotiationsBehind every great advertising effort is a smart machination from the side of the creatives. More importantly, it’s the effort of the people in the media buying and planning department that increases the success rate of an advertising campaign. The people in this division speak with media partners on a regular basis to make sure the ads are visible, and they reach the right audience.

The job of media buyers is not easy. Media buying companies, such as BIG Ideas Group, admit that negotiation is one of the most difficult parts of the process. But, you can overcome the challenges of bargaining if you’re hitting the right spot.

Below are some things you need to keep in mind if you want to become an effective media buyer:

Bonds with the Media Partner

To get the most cost-effective media property, you should leverage the bond you have with the representatives of your media partners. To prove that you value the relationship you forged with them, show that you listen to their advice and you speak openly about your plans for the campaign. Exchanges of ideas are crucial for negotiations; when both sides know each other’s needs, a compromise could be reached more easily.

The Supply and The Demand

The prices of media properties depend on the supply and the demand. Make sure you keep track of the present state of the industry. Knowing how the current states of affairs affect advertising and media budgets will help you improve your pitch or plan of getting the best prices.

A Comparative Analysis

You can’t offer a good compromise if you don’t know who you’re speaking to. Know your media partner well; if you’re dealing with more than one company, create a comparative analysis, so you can vary your negotiation tactics. Create a table where you can highlight the strengths and weaknesses of each prospective media partner.

Negotiation is the heart of the media buying game. Other than arriving at a compromise, keep in mind that walking away is one of your options, especially if your media partner’s goals are not in line with yours.

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Expat in the East: Adapting to the Hong Kong Culture

Despite Hong Kong’s cosmopolitan environment, expats may still have a hard time making the transition. While some aspects of communication are easy since the majority of the populace speaks English, the culture still acts as a barrier for the expats.

Every day, expats encounter things that are new to them, some of which may even astound them. But, if you set your mind right and broaden your understanding, you will soon find yourself falling in love with the country. Below are some things you should keep in mind to make your transition a lot more fun and easier.

Hong KongLearning More About the Language

Just because many can speak English doesn’t mean that it’s okay not to learn the local language. You’re in their territory, and it’s basically your job to adjust, not theirs. Learning the local language is particularly useful if you’re visiting the night market or places frequented by typical Hong Kongers. Find a school where you can learn basic Mandarin or Cantonese.

Finding Your Home

Real estate services providers, such as Spacious.Hk, say that finding the perfect home won’t be difficult, as there are a number of apartment and condominium complexes, especially in the business district. What expats should prepare for are the size and price of the living space. The sizes are usually small due to population density, while prices can be high due to the scarcity of residential lands.

Savouring the Food

If you want to know more about the country’s rich history and culture, go on a gastronomic adventure. Testing the waters means eating out at quick service restaurants or frequenting the diners within your apartment complex. But, if you want to take your adventure to another level, visit night markets or some hole-in-the wall restaurants, as these places serve authentic HK cuisine. Among the food you should indulge in are rickshaw noodles, egg waffles and snake soup.

Adapting to Hong Kong’s culture is not an easy feat. There are still other barriers you need to overcome to appreciate the unique beauty of the country. If you’re in shock, don’t force it. Give it time, and you will eventually find solace.

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