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July 29, 2015 at 6:07 am

Digital Eyestrain and Its Daily Impact on the Eyes

Like most people, you probably spend most of your day sitting in front of a computer, browsing on your smartphone, reading on your tablet, and watching TV. These modern-day necessities, however, take a significant toll on the eyes.

More than half of all eye injury cases in Australia are workplace-related, and account for about eight percent of such injuries. To put the numbers into perspective, that’s around 50,000 incidents each year.

Digital Eye Strain

Most millennials are familiar with digital eyestrain, which is the feeling of physical eye discomfort and fatigue. Prolonged exposure to the electronic displays in computers, smartphones, and TVs is the primary culprit.

digital eye is a respected laser eye surgery clinic in Sydney, Australia and agrees with in saying that the feeling is usually temporary and diminishes with rest.

Long-Term and Serious Effects

While the effects of digital eyestrain are usually temporary, the problem is that children are introduced to digital devices earlier and earlier in their development and there is a growing concern about the effects of glowing screens. Experts believe that it could put the eyes at risk for nearsightedness and myopia. Some raised concerns that the blue-violet wavelengths emitted by the screens could cause cataracts macular degeneration.

Preventing Digital Eye Strain Through “Eyegonomics”

You can prevent digital eyestrain by limiting your use of smartphones, tablets, PCs, and other digital media. For the vast majority of Australians who cannot (or refuse to) reduce their usage, there are still multiple ways to lessen the impact of screens on your eyes.

Start by paying attention to your body and keeping your distance. Position your device so that there is enough distance between the screen and your eyes. If you are using a computer, extend your arm while seated in front of the computer screen. The correct distance is when you can comfortably place your palm flat on the monitor.

If you are using a hand-held device, hold it just below eye level and at a distance that still allows you to look at the screen comfortably.

Digital devices are here to stay, but don’t let digital eyestrain slip your mind. Be conscious of your physical limitations, and if it affects your eyes seriously, laser eye surgeries can bring your good sight back.