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U.S. Wins Historic Gold In Ice Dancing

Meryl Davis and Charlie White became the first Americans to win an ice dance gold medal, the first Olympic title in the event.

Ice dancing gold

U.S. WinsWith a refined sense of performance to accompany their speed and power, Davis and White defeated their major rivals, Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir of Canada, the 2010 Olympic champions.

White and Davis insist they have never considered parting ways.

“The closest we came to breaking up, I can’t pinpoint one because there hasn’t been one,” the 27-year-old Davis said in a statement. “Certainly there have been struggles. It hasn’t been easy to get where we are. … It’s a partnership which I couldn’t have asked for more.

“That in itself justified 17 years of hard work,” White said.

Outstanding performance

White and Davis won silver medal in Vancouver, but in the four years since have overtaken the Canadians, their training partners Moir and Virtue in Detroit.

The reigning world champions scored 116.63 points in the free dance to finish with 195.52, 4.53 ahead of Virtue and Moir.

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Report: Apple’s Top Dealmaker Met With Tesla CEO

According to a news report, Apple Inc and Tesla Motors may have discussed working together or even joining forces.

The next big move

Apple’s Top Dealmaker

Image courtesy of OnInnovation | Flickr

There is no indication that an Apple deal to buy Tesla is in the works, but the prospect of a merger between the two firms has caught the interest of many industry observers.

“While a megadeal has yet to emerge, such a high-level meeting between the two Silicon Valley giants involving their top dealmakers suggests Apple was very much interested in buying the electric car pioneer,” the news report said.

An icon of innovation

Apple’s Adrian Perica met with Tesla Chief Executive Elon Musk, according to a source, but neither Apple nor Tesla confirms the meeting or says what they discussed about.

Last spring, analysts have suggested that Apple buy Tesla, not as much for its electric-car technology but to win the services of Musk.

Analysts said Musk could take a leading role in partnership and could lead innovation at Apple.

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