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Post-thrombotic Syndrome Basics: Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment

Post-thrombotic Syndrome (PTS) can possibly develop in almost all patients who have experienced a blood clot or deep vein thrombosis in their legs. When you have PTS, mobility becomes a problem since you’ll experience discomfort and pain from moving around.

What Causes PTS?

Our legs have deep veins with small valves for controlling our blood flow’s direction. Blood clots in the veins will lead to inflammation, which will block the normal flow of blood and in turn lead to valve damage. Damaged valves will then cause leaks that will allow fluid to accumulate around the ankles. If a blood clot does not heal properly, it will also cause blockage to normal blood flow. Consequently, this will cause the leg to feel very swollen, painful, and sometimes appear red. As the condition advances, improper flow of blood to the leg will lead to leg ulcers that are unfortunately not easily treated.

Post-Thrombotic Syndrome BasicsDo I Have PTS?

Depending on a person’s medical history and symptoms, says post-thrombotic syndrome may sometimes be tricky to diagnose since there are cases where it appears to mimic the symptoms of acute thrombosis. Symptoms range from mild, moderate, or serious and if you experience any of these symptoms stated below, it is highly likely that you have PTS:

  • Pain
  • Cramping
  • Heaviness
  • Tingling or numbing
  • Swelling
  • Itching
  • Darkened or hardened skin patches
  • Redness
  • Dilated veins
  • Leg ulcers

If most of these symptoms are present, you should schedule a consultation with your doctor as soon as possible before your condition worsens.

How Can I Treat PTS?

Most PTS sufferers obtain standard treatment, primarily intended to prevent or treat leg ulcers such as:

  • Regular exercise
  • Use of special elastic compression stockings
  • Elevating legs when at rest
  • Regular doctor checkups

While post-thrombotic syndrome can also be treated with drugs, these are rarely advised and used. In the event that the normal course of treatment is not sufficient to ease your symptoms, most especially if leg ulcers are present, your doctor may recommend surgery.

June 12, 2015 at 5:42 amHealth & Lifestyle

3 Qualifications to Look For When Hiring An SEO Consultant

The recent economic boom opened up a lot of work opportunities in Singapore, with SEO consultancy jobs as one of the most coveted. The consultants work with clients from all over the world. They are often in charge of building a company or brand’s online presence and eventually getting top rankings in search engine results pages.

As a person with a brand or company to improve, you need the help of these consultants. Look for the following skills before hiring someone:

Analytical Capacity

SEO ConsultantAn SEO consultancy job requires the analysis of loads of data from all sources. These sources include audit reports of the client’s website and work practices, keyword research results and a lot more. This is a necessary part of the job because it helps you formulate the best marketing strategies for your company.

Measure how capable a consultant is through their portfolio. Did they help other brands get higher rankings? Find information on the methods and tools they use. Look for someone who knows the latest in keyword and market analysis.

HTML Knowledge

An SEO consultant in Singapore would need to understand how HTML files and tags work. These tags are not visible to the website visitors since they work in the background to define the elements on each web page. SEO optimises the page using HTML elements for better search engine rankings.

Updated with SEO News

There have been numerous updates (e.g. Panda and Penguin) not only in the rules that search engines implement, but also in the algorithms they use to rank web pages. A good SEO consultant is aware of these changes and should be able to modify their approach depending on what works.

SEO practices change and SEO consultants should know how to adapt. Make sure to find an expert who knows how to change tactics if what they’re doing is not working.

May 13, 2015 at 12:14 amInfo Tech

The Top 3 Reasons Every Business Should Have a Professional Accountant on Board

BookkeepingWhen you decide to run a business, you will have so many responsibilities to take care of. Sometimes, it is no longer cost-effective to just perform all these tasks on your own. One particular aspect of your business that you should consider hiring a professional for is the accounting part. says there are many reasons a professional accountant will be a great asset to your business. Here are just a few of them.

1. Makes Sure You and Your Business Stay on Track

When you have a professional accountant with you, all of the payments, bookkeeping tasks, expenses and financial developments in your business are monitored and carefully recorded. Only someone who has experience and background in accounting can successfully do this. When you have an accountant by your side, you can also reduce the risks of facing a financial disaster since the possibility of errors is also decreased.

2. Helps with Tax Matters

For an average person, anything that has to do with tax is confusing. Managing your business taxes may also mean tedious work. So, by getting the services of a professional accountant successful business owners have worked with, you can get all these done in as little time as possible.

3. Assistance in Making the Right Financial Choices

A professional accountant possesses all of the necessary skills, talents, knowledge and expertise needed to make sure your business is going strong. So, when you have one on your team, you will get the assistance you need to make financial choices that are going to benefit your business greatly.

A highly experienced, trustworthy and dependable accountant is going to provide you with a way to focus on running and operating your business. You won’t have to be burdened with confusing, tedious tasks. You’ll have more time to focus on other aspects of your business that will help you expand.

May 5, 2015 at 8:23 amFinance

Optometrists: The Doctors to Call for Your Eye Problems

OptometristFor Shakespeare, the eyes are the windows to the soul; for optometrists, they are the windows to your health. You must not wait until you notice issues with your vision or you see blur instead of clear messages across the Brisbane sky before going to the eye doctor. Optometrists may aid in improving eyesight and see if you’re at risk of more serious health conditions such as diabetes, stroke, heart diseases, multiple sclerosis or brain tumours.

What Exactly does an Optometrist Do?

Optometrists, or eye doctors, are highly capable of recognising, managing and treating various eye diseases. Like ophthalmologists or eye surgeons, they inspect both the external and internal eye structures to identify common eye diseases such as cataracts, macular degeneration and glaucoma. They can likewise test your eyes’ capacity to coordinate, focus and properly view colours and depth.

Optometrists don’t do eye surgeries. Whenever required, they’ll send you to an ophthalmologist for further examinations. They can, however, fit and prescribe eyeglasses, aids for low vision, contact lenses and eye exercises. They can also perform eye therapy and prescribe medication.

When to See an Optometrist

A host of diseases that can lead to loss of eyesight are preventable and curable with early detection. If you have a history of issues with your eyesight or start experiencing changes in your vision, get regular preventative eye care. Headaches and excessive rubbing, blinking and squinting may also indicate eye problems.

Eye doctors may recommend a routine checkup for children with a history of vision issues in the family. They should undergo an eye exam before they turn three.

Those aged between 20 and 30 must get eye examinations every year. For Eyes Only says yearly exams ensure good vision throughout your life. However, if you experience eye pain, light flashes, tearing or any other eye injuries, you need urgent care.

Those in their late 30s should visit optometrists in Brisbane to prepare for eyesight issues associated with ageing. Diabetics must see their eye doctor annually since they have a higher risk of developing eye diseases.

Don’t delay visits to the eye doctor. Remember, to maintain your eyesight, early detection is your best bet.

May 4, 2015 at 7:10 amHealth & Lifestyle

Britain’s Most Romantic Retreats

CornwallNothing spells romance better than a well-deserved vacation. Enjoying the scenery and food tasting with just each other strengthens a couple’s bond.

England is one of the best places to be with your special someone. With lush greeneries, beautiful tourist attractions and high-quality lodges, England offers numerous opportunities to reignite the flames between lovers.

Say goodbye to the stresses of everyday life by planning romantic getaways filled with beautiful sceneries and delectable dishes, by visiting these romantic retreats:

Short romantic breaks in Bath

Bath is the only UNESCO World Heritage city in the United Kingdom. It is also an international top spa destination due to its world-class facilities and natural mineral waters. The city offers numerous attractions such as museums, Prior Park Landscape Garden, theatre, the Thermae Bath Spa Pump Rooms and Roman Baths.

This beautiful city is an ideal spot for short breaks. Bath also offers numerous bed and breakfasts for couples seeking lodging. If you’re looking forward to romantic strolls down lush gardens, Bath is the place for you.

Spectacular view at Primrose Hill, London

Sit side by side on lush grass while holding each other’s hand at Primrose Hill. Standing at 78 ft. tall, this hill sits on the northern side of Regent’s Park. Primrose Hill boasts the most astounding view of London’s skyline.

Take your loved one on a romantic walk from Baker Street tube and pass through Regent’s Park. Climb up the hill for a small picnic for two. Located nearby is Little Venice, which is home to colourful houseboats on tranquil waters.

Discover the hidden waterfalls at Cornwall

The beauty of the woods combined with majestic waterfalls guarantees swoon-worthy breaks. St. Nectan’s Glen, located in Cornwall, is named an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and is one of Cornwall’s hidden treasures.

This Cornwall attraction is perfect for quiet, romantic walks. Stroll through the woods and admire the river with your special someone. In exchange for an admission ticket, you can stay there for as long as you want. St. Nectan’s Glen is open with varying schedules for high and open seasons.

Make the most out of your romantic vacation. Don’t settle for what you see every day. Britain is home to numerous attractions worth a couple’s time. Visit these 3 locations for a magical romantic break with your special someone.

April 23, 2015 at 1:01 amDirections

4 Ways to Selling Your House Fast

Rumors say that the selling property is not good nowadays but you can always turn the disadvantage into an advantage!

Here are some techniques that you can use to sell your house fast. Tip: they all involve creative advertising, and in choosing the best ad agency that you need.

Check Your Ad Agency’s Strategy

Everyone knows how the Internet has changed the lives of people. From checking ads on newspapers, people now go to Craigslist, regardless if you’re looking for a home or a job. This means that it pays to check the ad agency you are going to use to make sure that they are up to date with their online marketing strategy. People like websites with visual appeal, so if your ad agency does not show pictures or graphics, you can always advise them to add more as needed.

People are Highly Visual

houseAn ad agency, Salt Lake City or elsewhere, can also perform marketing by posting videos on your different pages. People from other states who want to transfer find it difficult to look for properties unless they travel for miles. Instead of incurring unnecessary charges, a video can allow you to show your property to them online.

Leave Something Valuable Behind

People tend to be too practical, you would not leave any valuable things behind and the buyer would want something extra from you. So leave a freebie behind, something that would catch the attention of your buyer. Remember you are more eager to sell your property and they have more to choose from.

Leave something that is quite valuable that you can replace such as a dining room appliance, plasma TV, a lawnmower, or even a golf cart. You never know; this could make or break their decision.

Condition Matters

The competition is tighter because everyone seems to be selling a property or two at low prices. But most of these conditions are not livable to buyers, so get ahead of them and make your house ready for occupancy.

Be as practical as possible when selling your house, always remember to not go too low because you want to sell it fast, just give it time and you will find the right buyer at the right price.

April 16, 2015 at 12:45 amStraight Market

Weight Matters: Choosing the Right Kettlebells for Your Gym

In the ideal workout world, a gym ought to have all the amenities any workout enthusiast might need in his or her routine. With so many constraints, gym owners end up making trade-offs and making do with what they can lay hands on.

This is always the case when you go out shopping for kettlebells. Choosing the right weights will get everyone in your gym covered. A wrong choice will leave you with a collection of useless dead weights.

Get the inventory right; understand the kettlebell workout procedures and phases before making the purchase.

kettlebellTaking care of the beginners

Workout beginners have weaker muscles and can therefore handle lesser weight. They should train twice a week. Do not be surprised if they start slow. Buying some lightweight kettlebells gives them something wieldy but effective. You can use these to train on technique whilst building their strength.

Don’t start too relaxed

Even though beginners ought to start light, buying the lightest kettlebells is pointless unless you will be working with kids. For a woman, using the right technique should make a 15-pound kettlebell bearable. Men, on the other hand, can begin with 20 pounders.

For dumbbells, women can have five to eight pounds of weight in each hand to begin with.

Progressive weight

Kettlebells are like your regular barbells. Your gym users will outgrow them. and other kettlebell workshop providers say involving subsequent weights will help people jump to the next weight category whenever their muscles can take it.

Spread out the weight differences by a generous 5 to ten pounds, depending on the kind of people and workout routines you expect in the gym.

Apart from worrying about the kettlebell’s weight, you should also think about additional factors like its handle and the overall finish. Go for Kettlebells with curved, smooth handles. The curve will help centre the weight on your hands while smooth finishes reduce friction and bruises.

Once you know the kettlebell weights to buy, start using them in the gym. Try them yourself and move on to heavier ones to get constant improvements in your weight training.

March 31, 2015 at 6:37 amHealth & Lifestyle

Four Types of Yoga Exercises that Fitness Buffs Should Try

ashtanga yogaYoga has been in existence for a long time. Since its development in the 5th century, yoga has gone through a lot of re-inventions when it comes to movements and body position. Today, you will find fitness centers that offer different variations of this exercise.

Here are four interesting yoga types that you might encounter in gyms:
Ashtanga Yoga

One of the earliest types of yoga, Ashtanga features a series of poses in a specific sequence. This requires proper breathing to execute the poses. While the poses can be physically taxing, these can provide you with great benefits. Ashtanga yoga helps you stretch out your muscles, burn calories, and relax the mind.

Aerial Yoga

This type of yoga is one of the recently developed exercises. This requires the use of aerial yoga equipment or a hammock to execute the poses on air. While this does not require you to work on your balance, aerial yoga will test your strength as you keep yourself hoisted on the hammock.

Hot Yoga

This has been around for quite some time now, becoming one of the most popular forms of yoga around the world. It is the same as Bikram yoga, but with a twist. Believing the Indian climate and temperature have a lot to do with the core process of Bikram, hot yoga follows the same approach by keeping the room heated. Some yoga enthusiasts attest to its effectiveness, as the higher temperature will make you perspire more.

Iyengar Yoga

If hot yoga requires a heated environment and aerial yoga uses a hammock, Iyengar yoga uses chairs, ropes and blankets as props. You use these props to maintain proper posture during the exercise. This type of yoga can be more challenging than hot yoga, but you will find the exercise worth the effort.

Yoga combines strength, awareness, and harmony. With its many health benefits, you will find this exercise as more than a way to meditate.

March 23, 2015 at 1:01 pmHealth & Lifestyle

Social Media Sins that Beginners Commit

Social media is a great avenue for publicity. It possesses great potential for business to increase revenue through expanded consumer reach and traffic. When misused, a brand faces the risk of damaging their online reputation.

While each social media network is unique, these sites can prove to be beneficial in promoting products, bringing more customers and increase in revenue. Proper digital marketing is significant, and brands cannot afford to make mistakes. One error can lead to multiple stabs against a company’s good reputation.

Brands should know better avoid the following social media sins:

Sin 1 – Forgetting the CustomerSocial Media

One of the biggest social media sins for brands is making the content all about them. Users do not appreciate ads blatantly marketing on their news feeds. While providing information about services is important, brands should not forget to prioritize their target in all efforts.

Building relationships is the key to successful advertising. Rather than bombard potential customers with sales marketing, offer them posts of advice or life hacks. People will remember brands that offered memorable solutions to problems.

Sin 2 – Possessing Multiple Accounts

Successful advertising involves making a brand’s presence known. Having an account in every social network is tempting but is not recommended.

It’s not a bad idea to manage multiple accounts but businesses need not be in every social network.

Instead of creating numerous accounts, doing research first is the safest bet. Brands should identify the social media site with most potential customers and prioritize these platforms. This way, all attention and focus are dedicated to these sites for best results.

Sin 3- Hashtag Hijacking

Companies like C1 Partners note that hashtags are effective in gathering likes from customers and generating buzz for brands. To attract more attention, companies should come up with eye-catching hashtags sure to trend social media.

Nonetheless, brands should be cautious with hashtags. Original creative intentions are ruined by hijacked hashtags. For example, the infamous #McDStories involved the fast food chain asking customers to share memorable childhood memories. The plan backfired when users hijacked the hashtag with horror stories instead.

Sin 4 –Wrong Timing with Social Media Updates

Timing is everything, even in social media. For brands to receive attention, updates should be posted during prime time. Refrain from posting updates during ‘dead hours.’ Social updates have quick life spans, making it difficult to reach more audiences if brands are not calculative with social sharing.

March 20, 2015 at 11:15 amStraight Market

Here’s What it Means to Wear School Uniforms

High School Uniform“Suit up!” This is a phrase not only for men garbing tuxedos, but for young ladies who start their day in school by wearing the typical shirt, tie, blazer and skirt ensemble.

Other than maintaining the look of aesthetic uniformity (hence, the term ‘uniform’), there’s more than what meets the eye in these stylish school uniforms for girls and boys.

1. Your Badge of Pride

A way to show that a student represents an institution is by wearing the prescribed school uniform. Wearing school uniform has more to do about raising the school spirit and less than authorities exerting their power. Displaying your school’s coat of arms on your blazer is a way for students to show they belong to an organisation they’re proud of. This also helps school authorities identify who are the outsiders in the campus by looking out for those who are not wearing the school uniform.

2. Show you have the Brains –by Dressing Smartly

Formal uniform helps student with managing people’s impression of them, as well as build good reputation for the institution where they’re studying. It implies order and discipline, one that will exude respect among people who see students wearing the complete school attire. This also gives students a sense of what it’s like to dress in a presentable way and generate more confidence in them.

3. Encouraging Students to Focus on their Studies

Because students have school uniforms by default, girls won’t have to worry about the dilemma of ‘what to wear the next day’—this makes them blend in more easily with fellow students, with a school media specialist claiming that ‘dressing alike helps students learn that what really counts is on the inside.’

With the help of a school uniform, students will take schoolwork and classroom more seriously, helping them turn their attention to what they should learn instead of how they should look.

March 18, 2015 at 5:44 amStraight Market