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What Makes Polycarbonate Material Ideal for School Shelter Canopies

canopy set up outdoors

Using a canopy for school shelters can turn outdoor areas into a space for various activities. Outdoor classrooms, dining areas and playgrounds are just some possible functions of school shelter canopies.

To provide maximum shelter from weather conditions such as the sun, rain, hail or snow, it’s important to choose the right materials. The materials must be easy to install to minimise disruptions in school operations and must be durable enough to withstand heavy-duty and long-term use.


Lightweight building materials are easy to transport, are more flexible and adapt to change in temperature faster. Canopies of building school shelters must be mounted on either timber or steel frames with ease and match the structure of an existing building for a pleasant outdoor playground. Lightweight materials are easier to install, repair or replace than heavy materials like metal, glass or concrete.

UV protection properties

Outdoor play is essential in boosting children’s development. The stimulation of the senses – sight, smell, hear, touch and taste — when playing outdoors helps children develop better cognitive, physical and social capabilities. However, too much exposure to the sun has adverse effects to the health so school shelter canopies should be built with materials that have UV protection properties.

Resistant to extreme weather conditions

Polycarbonate material is classified as a thermoplastic material, which means that it possesses high melting and freezing points. Because of this, they can withstand extremely hot and cool temperatures. It is essential that school shelter canopies provide protection from all the seasons for children to be able to play year round. Polycarbonate material is also an amorphous solid, and it is virtually unbreakable. Because of this, it can carry heavy loads like snow build-up and piles of dried leaves for an extended period. It also possesses all the aforementioned characteristics which make it an ideal canopy material for school shelters.

Building school shelter canopies depend on the location of the structure. Whether it is fixed to an existing building or is freestanding, it is important to make sure that the frame and the roof are compatible to create an area with maximum protection.

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