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Using Aluminium Pipes in Your Compressed Air Piping System

Aluminium pipesAir compressor units convert power from mechanical energy sources into potential energy. This energy is stored in your air compressor’s piping system. Traditionally, most manufacturers used galvanised steel and plastic for their pipes, but there has been a significant shift from these materials in recent years.

With industry advancements, there is a very significant development in compressed air piping; the introduction of aluminium pipes.

There are many clear advantages of using aluminium piping for your compressed air systems as opposed to traditional piping materials. Here are a few.

Aluminium Pipes Have Improved Flow Rates

Aluminium pipes are thinner and more rigid than pipes made from other materials. The thinner and more rigid wall provides a large internal diameter for aluminium piping leading to higher flow rates and a decreased pressure drop.

It is, therefore, possible to go down a size when using aluminium and still achieve the same results as when using other materials. This saves on your material costs.

Aluminium Withstands Extreme Conditions

Aluminium remains unaffected by extremely high temperatures. It hence remains unchanged by sunlight and fire and maintains a regular working pressure of 16 bar at up to 80 degrees Celsius temperature, unlike traditional options. It also minimally contracts and expands in extreme temperature fluctuations.

Aluminium Pipe Installation is Quick and Straightforward

Aluminium does not bow or sag even when used for long lengths because of its rigid nature. Manipulation of the pipe during installation is easy since it holds its shape when bent. It also requires fewer clips than traditional materials for connection.

With all these benefits of aluminium, it is the ideal piping material for your compressed air units. The initial capital price tag of aluminium pipes is typically higher than traditional material. The savings in maintenance, output and installations, however, make it a cost-effective option.

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