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What Should Your Website Design Focus on?

Website designYou only have seven seconds to catch the attention of site visitors. If your website is boring and lifeless–or worse, if it hasn’t loaded completely by this point–you lose potential clients. It seems confusing, however, when one tip tells you to focus on high-quality images while another tells you not to use large file sizes to improve loading speed.

Forget everything you think you know, and focus on the following:

A Clean Interface

You do not need a lengthy paragraph in your homepage just to explain that you are Canberra’s authority in the industry. Such a claim is better shown, not explained. You also do not need scores of images to flash across the screen. Sometimes graphic design should favour simplicity over pomp. A single striking image weighs more than a dozen low-quality and meaningless images.

User Experience

Your website is there to inform and help the visitor reach their goal. If they want to buy a product, guide them through each step of the purchase. If they merely seek information, you should offer all the data they need. If you want them to come back, perhaps suggest that they subscribe, but do not force them to make the decision. At every step of the way, both in your website and business app, you should offer them a way out.

Customer Satisfaction

It’s not hard to satisfy a customer if you tick all the boxes. Present them with a website that is designed to load quickly and to take them where they need to go. Answer their questions and make it easy for them to contact you if the answers are not immediately available. Then, give them a little something extra. An e-commerce site that offers discounts, for instance, gets bonus points for customer satisfaction.

Canberrans go with the company that understands their needs. They don’t need all the bells and whistles if you give them what they want in the most convenient way possible.

October 30, 2017 at 11:42 amInfo Tech