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How Fatigue is Making Your Hard Workers Sick

Workers in full safety gearAs a responsible employer, you want to make sure that your people are always safe and secure in the workplace. This doesn’t just have to do with satisfying the rigorous work safety laws set forth by the Australian Government; it is also more simply an ethical manner. Understanding the many different risks of workplace hazards is key to keeping your people safe and happy to continue working for you. And of course, it plays a vital role in maintaining a high level of productivity.

One of the potential dangers that you should never overlook is fatigue. Knowing more about its causes will help you prevent such hazards, as AMCO explains.

Defining fatigue

Fatigue, at its core, is the state of extreme exhaustion, tiredness, sleepiness, and weariness. It can result from some factors, particularly lack of sleep. However, just as a big contributor to this state is a lengthy period of mental and physical activity, as well as elevated emotions of stress and anxiety.

At the workplace, repetitive tasks can amplify someone’s feelings of fatigue, which their usual routine and lack of sleep have already caused.

How fatigue impacts a person

There are many ways that fatigue can affect a person’s personal and professional life. At work, this condition typically exhibits its consequences in the form of inability to make proper decisions and carry out complex tasks. It also hinders communication skills, minimizes productivity and thus, performance; causes inattention and loss of focus; causes delays in reaction time; and even aggravates already elevated stress levels.

In the long run, fatigue can already put a huge toll on a person’s health and overall well-being, giving rise to major concerns such as depression.

Catching fatigue before it worsens

There are some ways to keep the workplace free of fatigue-inducing elements, including the use of ergonomic products designed to combat this state in the first place. A good example is anti-fatigue matting.

These products, combined with employee knowledge of how to quickly spot symptoms of fatigue, can make all the difference in the overall safety at the workplace.

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